Lucky 13: FDRMX’s Interview with Willow


Up and coming Melbourne band Willow is the latest focus for FDRMX’s Lucky 13. Band member Kieran Daly talks about creating music, concerts, and the influences that led Willow to where they are now.

FDRMX: A Common starting question for our interviews: Why the name Willow?
Kieran Daly: The name was thought over for a while and after short-listing our favourites, this one came out as the winner. Also, where I grew up in Wodonga (country Victoria) there was a park full of Willow trees and we used to hang out there quite a bit so it seemed a good fit.

FDRMX: How did both of you meet?
KD: On the first day of studying music at Uni in Melbourne, we we’re catching trains on the same line and got talking after classes one day. Eventually we started playing around with songs after studying and planning gigs etc. on the way home.

FDRMX: Which qualities do you believe Kieran and Bianca have that make them a great collaboration? Is there one flaw Kieran has that Bianca makes up for and vice versa?
KD: Bianca seems to have the great organizational skills to get things in order. She is great at planning ahead and finishing things off, whereas I tend to get a little stuck on the small things like trying to get a guitar part or melody line just right. It seems to be a good mix though!

FDRMX: You’ve got a few concerts coming up. Any that you’re especially excited for? Why?
KD: We are excited to do our launch show for a film clip we are releasing early next month. A new EP and bunch of new songs is always something we look forward to playing and touring so we are really excited for all of the shows coming up.

FDRMX: Your sound has been compared to Amy Winehouse. Do you resent or embrace the comparison?
KD: We are both big fans of Amy and all of the different bands and members from Daptone records so any comparison to her and the band is something we’d embrace and be humbled by.

FDRMX: Your song “No Sound” feels like a throwback to some energetic 60’s and 70’s songs (in a very good way). What is it about that era of music that gives you inspiration?
KD: Thank-you. I think there is something really special about that particular era of music. Especially the soul stuff that came out around then, production, arrangement and vocal deliveries from some of those early records sound like they comes from another world! Joe, who plays bass in the band has a great collection of 45’s which we find a constant inspiration in-between rehearsals and recordings.

FDRMX: What do you think of Melbourne’s Music scene?
KD: I might be biased but I believe it’s one of the best in the world. Any night of the week, quality music can be heard at venues across most genres. We have been really lucky in meeting some great musicians, we couldn’t have asked for a better drummer in Leo and the playing from Joe, Dima and Jon is always amazing.

FDRMX: What do you think the strengths are of you each as songwriters? Is Kieran more the music and Bianca the lyrics or do you share equal influence over each?
KD: I would say we share equal influence in what eventually comes out on record or what we decide makes a set list but of recent times I have been taking on more of the songwriting role as Bianca has been quite busy studying and organizing releases and shows.

FDRMX: What time of day do you find is the best to create music?
KD: Definitely later at night, sometimes the lack of sleep or happenings in the day before can spark an idea that would be harder to come up with in the morning for me.

FDRMX: You recently posted an illustration for your EP. Who painted the illustration and how much input did you have in the creation?
KD: Bianca created that water colour, it was part of a set she was playing around with for covers and posters for gigs, as soon as she sent it through we all immediately loved it and pushed for it to be the cover of the new EP.

FDRMX: Is the EP self titled? If it is then what do you think would be the most appropriate title you could give it?
KD: The EP is titled ‘Wonder’ which is the name of the first single taken from it.

FDRMX: What are your top three biggest musical influences?
KD: Hard question but in no order 60’s garage and RnB, Motown, and 70’s pop.

FDRMX: Any plans for the future? Tours?
KD: We are in the process of locking in an Australian tour for the new EP but we have some friends in America so we’d love to make our way over there some time in the near future!

Nothing but gratitude to Willow for taking the time to answer our questions. Best of luck for their up and coming tour! Make sure to follow them on Facebook.