Lucky 13: FDRMX’s Interview with The Paper Kites

Lucky 13- FDRMX's Interview with The Paper KitesPhoto Courtesy of Wikipedia

The Paper Kites are one of Melbourne’s favorite bands and an example of Australian Folk music at its finest. As of writing this, the band is kicking off the last leg of their international tour in North American before finishing up in Europe at the Jammin Java in Vienna. Despite being deliriously busy, Drummer Josh Bentley (Above, Far Right) kindly answered a few questions about the tour, the music process, and what not to do when sitting down at your drum set.

FDRMX: You’re in the middle of a tour right now. I hope you’re not too exhausted. What do you do to stay energized?
Paper Kites: We often like to get out and about in each city we visit and see the sights. At the moment we’ve really taken to throwing around our Frisbee while waiting at venues for sound check.

FDRMX: You’ve been together since 2010. What do you think the keys are to preventing feuds within the band?
PK: A key thing in preventing a possible feud in our band is communication and equal say. We all get a say in what goes on with the band. The 5 of us each have opinions that are heard and put on the table and we often make decisions from there.
Enjoyment in what we do is paramount for us as well. We love the opportunities we get to play live and in the studio and we really enjoy each other’s company.

FDRMX: How do you feel Melbourne has shaped each of you as artists?
PK: Dare I say it but Melbourne is the best city in the world. The culture and way of life here has influenced us as people and obviously as musicians as well. We have access to a great live music scene and music community who have supported us as artists right from the start.

FDRMX: What’s the worst concert experience you’ve ever had?
PK: The worst concert experience I’ve ever had was when I went to sit down at the drum kit for a show, missed the seat and stacked it…very embarrassing!
FDRMX: The best?
PK: Playing at a pub in the middle of nowhere and having the crowd, sing, dance, laugh and enjoy themselves while we’re playing brings great satisfaction.
FDRMX: Your music video Bloom looks like it was primarily filmed during sunset. How tricky was it to get all of your filming done in the magic hour before the sun went down?
PK: Yes Bloom was filmed primarily during sunset. It wasn’t too hard to capture the footage needed actually. We just filmed it over a couple of days and worked with the footage that we had. T

FDRMX: What was the hardest Part of that video?
PK: The hardest part was keeping the cows in the paddocks next to us out of the shot.

FDRMX: A lot of people are used for the music video Young. Are all of those people actors? Are some fans, or friends, or family?
PK: Yep all of the above. Our family, friends and fans are all in the video. Each band member features in the video too. The guys at Oh Yeah Wow filming company did the video and captured all the faces that feature in it.

FDRMX: I do love the concepts in your music videos. Anything vision for a project you have on your minds now?
PK:Yeah we have an idea floating around our heads for our single A Lesson from Mr Gray but unfortunately I can’t give to much detail.

FDRMX: What has it been like touring with Phebe Starr and Airling?
PK: Its been great to say the least. Both artists bring a very different feel to the show which I think fans have loved. They are lovely people as well, which makes it a delight when touring.

FDRMX: How excited are you for your imminent US/Canada Tour?
PK: Very! We Loved the US and Canada last time we ventured there so the thought of going back to play more shows is very exciting.

FDRMX: What are your top 3 best instrument brands?
1. C&C Drum Company
2. Zildjian Cymbals
3. Pro-Mark drum sticks

FDRMX: What’s the best bit of advice you ever received about music?
PK: Play as if no one’s watching!

Best of luck to Josh Bentley and the rest of The Paper Kites as they embark on the rest of their tour. Follow the band on their Facebook and Website.