Lucky 13: FDRMX’s Interview with Nod One’s Head

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The Berlin based duo of Nod One’s Head describe themselves as an authentic band that thrives on the club culture. We had previously covered their music video “Secret Love” in a recent blog post. This past week the extremely talented Lotte “Lovegood” and Moritz Bommert took the time to answer some questions about their past, their present, and the exciting future they have in store for us.

FDRMX: How did you two decide to start collaborating?
Moritz Bomert & Lotte “Lovegood”: It was almost two and half years ago when we went to this crazy party at our friend’s place. Nobody cared about the music, so actually every track of every genre was played that night. We looked at each other and we were like: ‘Shit, we have to make our own music. That’s horrible, dude.’

You’re releasing an album very soon. What can you tell us about it?
L: The album is going to be our debut album, so we are already really excited. It was clear to us from the very beginning that our album has to deal with the things we both struggle with every day: the issue of never being satisfied, searching for the unknown.

FDRMX: How did you come up with your symbol?
M: Well, we thought about having an item which captures the theme of the album. We were looking for something that describes the feeling of never being satisfied, like something is always missing. Our symbol shows the missing puzzle piece of every human.

FDRMX: The music video for Secret Love… I have to ask: What was the deal with the hole through the center of the woman’s body? I have my own theories, but I’d like to hear it from you.
L: In our NOH world, everybody has a missing puzzle piece in their body. That last missing thing, the last goal you want to achieve to feel complete. The girl in the music video has the symbol through her body because she’s looking for this one life-changing love, but she isn’t able to find it. She’s not even able to really see it when it’s right in front of her. In the beginning we actually wanted to integrate the symbol in more than just this one scene. But animations in videos are so expensive that we had to focus on one scene.

FDRMX: Is the “Secret Love” song based on your own secret love that nobody knows, shall know, or can see? Maybe it’s not necessarily a person.
M: Yes, well we really want to leave space for all sorts of interpretation. In our case we both had a lot of personal emotional times while we built up our band project and we’re talking about these things in our songs, through the music as well as through the vocals.

FDRMX: You’re currently touring all over Germany. Any funny road trip stories?
L: We had this one really crazy booking. When we arrived at the city we had to wait ages to get picked up from the train station, then we had a sound check at which we realized that they had the most awful-sounding sound system ever. Afterwards we wanted to go to bed, but our hotel room was full of disgusting bugs. And on top of that: the next day the hotel manager attacked Moritz and called the police because the room hadn’t been paid for. Actually this wasn’t funny at all. But on our way back to Berlin we couldn’t stop laughing about this awkward situation during the whole flight!

FDRMX: What’s the best concert you think you’ve ever played so far?
M: That’s a hard question! Definitely last year at one of our best friend’s house party in Berlin. The party took place at his shared flat in Berlin Mitte. It was a pajama party with over 130 people and the soundsystem was way too loud for the event. It was a just an incredible atmosphere and in the end the party was crashed by 30 police men while we were playing our set. It was a very funny situation when they crashed the live concert at this hardcore pajama party. One of the best club shows was our record release party at the Prince Charles Club in Berlin. The place was completely packed and filled with so many friends who have supported us from day one.

FDRMX: The music video for “Up” features the two of you playing around with shredded paper and twirling around for the camera. What was it like to shoot a video where you were the only two characters?
L: Haha, yes it was really cool! It was the two of us at the very beginning of NOH. We were just in front of the camera as friends, dancing as friends, having fun as friends.

FDRMX: Lotte, you’ve dyed your hair brunette since that video. Does your change of hair mean a change in the band as well? And Moritz, do you plan to compete with Lotte by dying yours red or something like that?
L: HAHA, no. I’m just a normal girl ;). But the idea of Moritz having red hair is actually really good…

FDRMX: You said in a recent interview that you’re very excited for the MELT! Festival this July. What is it about the festival that excites you so much?
M: For us the MELT Festival is one of the biggest and most exciting festivals because it covers all international top acts of our music genre. Since the first visit it was always our biggest dream to play at this festival. We share a lot of great summer memories from MELT.

FDRMX:What are your top 3 artists that you’re listening to right now?
M & L: Aluna George; Chet Faker; Kidnap Kid

FDRMX:What do you think it is about you two that makes you such an efficient partnership?
M & L:We are both looking for the same missing puzzle piece.

FDRMX: Finally, If you could d describe Nod One’s Head in just one word what would it be? (Since there’s two of you I’ll allow two words).
M & L: Secret Love

A huge thanks to the always awesome Nod One’s Head. Be sure to take a look at their music videos above and follow them at their website and Facebook