Lucky 13: FDRMX’s Interview with LoveSix

Lucky 13-FDRMX's Interview with LoveSixPhoto Courtesy of LoveSix

We at FDRMX have already gushed about how incredible LoveSix‘s music video for Night of the Creeps is. Despite any censorship problems we run into every now and then, it still remains the site’s most watched video involving corseted women tying down and then stripping a man to an altar before pouring wine and hot wax all over him. Turns out we’re not the only one’s who go crazy over these Australian rockers, as they already have gained their own passionate fanclub dubbed “The LoveSixPack.” The Encyclopedia of Music was lucky enough to talk to lead singer Alex Pychtin about his fans, his wild music, and how to make your next party perfectly LoveSix themed.

FDRMX: I didn’t quite catch this in your other interview, but the name Lovesix? I understand it sounds like Love Sick. Is that one of the reasons?
LoveSix: Some people think Love Sick. Others think Love Sex. Deliberate? Most definitely.

FDRMX: There are photos on your social media sites of you performing as a Ken Doll. What production is that from, and was it before or during LoveSix?
L6: That was from a separate tour I did in Singapore & Malaysia. LoveSix was still marinating in the pot, so it was more the LoveSix “Lifestyle” that was in full swing.

FDRMX: What else have you acted/or performed in. Do you still act in addition to LoveSix?
L6: One of the beautiful things about LoveSix is that it’s all encompassing so if I do go act in a film, do a live appearance, fashion show or fitness etc. It’s all representing LoveSix with our ‘Plush.Bold.Sexy’ values.

FDRMX: A few fans (including us) have called Night of the Creeps video is perfect Rock & Roll. What do you say to the many who give it such praise?
L6: It’s that kind of behavior that puts you in the running to become our adopted sons & daughters.

FDRMX: Alex, How did you react when you learned you were going to be stripped by a legion of corseted women, tied to a table and covered in wine and hot candle wax?
L6: Learned? I was the one who ordered it.

FDRMX: The video is a favorite of ours at FDRMX. Although its just been a few months, we still eagerly anticipate a follow up. Any other kickass ideas of music videos you’d want to try out?
L6: If only I could tell you of the antics that lay ahead. If ‘Night of the Creeps’ tingled, what’s next will scorch!

FDRMX: LoveSix has an incredibly passionate fan base. Do you have a favorite story about a fan interaction?
L6: They’re all individually special. One of our goals is to keep as close of a personal relationship as we can with them. Talking daily as a support, as a friend and as a role model helps fuel our fire. The marriage proposals would be my favorites though

FDRMX: There’s a link to the Make a Wish foundation on your website.  How did that attachment start?
L6: When it comes to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, you name the time, date & place and we’re there. Their mission has always resonated strongly with us from Day 1. We love that kind of support.

FDRMX: On Facebook list your hometowns as Sydney, Los Angeles, and Tokyo. How do you split your time amongst those cities? Any tips for dealing with jet lag?
L6: Right now we’re all in Sydney, gearing up for an appearance at a Fashion Gala to support Ovarian Cancer next month, but jet lag brings out the Billy Madison/Chris Farley bus driver in all of us, so remain hydrated, actively relax your mind & make sure you’re listening to ‘Platinum’ on repeat!

FDRMX: What would be the typical LoveSix party? The music is obvious, but what would be the venue, theme, drink choice etc.?
L6: Beverage – a Billecarte-Salmon champagne, Theme – Steve Prefontaine Dress-Up, Venue – A candlelit room full of mirrors

FDRMX: What are your top 3 favorite Hair Metal Bands?
L6: One Direction. Justin Bieber. Craig David.

FDRMX: Congratulations on a killer debut album. What does the future hold for LoveSix? Concerts? Tours? World Domination?
L6: Thank you. World domination? Spot on baby. On August 22nd we’ll be playing a charity fashion event for Ovarian Cancer Awareness run by Miss Multiverse Australia. We are also developing other branches to the LoveSix ‘Embassy’ such as fashion & fitness that’ll be out very soon!

FDRMX: What’s the best musical advice you’ve ever been given?
L6: Write the music that you want to listen to

A big thank you to Alex Pychtin and LoveSix for making a few fans very happy by answering our questions. Be sure to check out their newest album Platinum right here. While you’re at it, keep up with their concerts and charities via their website, Twitter, and Facebook.