Lucky 13: FDRMX’s Interview with Lou Marco

Lou MarcoPhoto Courtesy of Youtube

Hailing from Paris is eclectic musician Lou Marco, who is currently celebrating the release of first fully fledged album Sous la Peau (Under the Skin). A self described amalgamation of Johnny Cash, Bobbie Gentry, Prince, Nancy Sinatra and more, Lou Marco is clearly a force to be reckoned with. FDRMX got to pick her brain for our latest Lucky 13 segment:

FDRMX: What was the moment you realized you wanted/needed to be a musician?
Lou Marco: Back then, I was 22. We were making music, the five of us. And then we went to England, ended up in a manor. That was just great. I can’t remember happier times.

FDRMX: Your most popular song on iTunes is Angry at the Fridge. What do you think it is about that song that makes it so popular?
LM: I didn’t know AATF happened to be the most popular song! All the more surprising as i thought this tune wasn’t the catchiest one!
Don’t know why but it makes me really happy though.

FDRMX: How did your first ever concert go?
LM: As I am more of a studio witch, I wasn’t quite sure about performing live. To my great surprise, I loved it immediately, although that was a scary experience at first.

FDRMX: What do you believe is the biggest lesson you ever learned about performing?
LM: One day, a stage director told me “The audience don’t have to be watching you, you must watch them”. That taught me a lot.

FDRMX: What’s the most common mistake you see from other artists you’ve worked with/performed with?
LM: Maybe the lack of peculiarity.. People who didn’t manage to create their own world.

FDRMX: What would you say is the overall message of your newest album “Sous La Peau”?
LM: Don’t have any message to deliver.
Just want my music to soundtrack people’s lives. It is meant to soothe or awake them.

FDRMX: Where is your favorite place to write music?
LM: I usually write and compose in my home studio but ideas for songs can happen anywhere, anytime.

FDRMX: What did you think of the Music Video for Don’t Care? How much creative control did you have over it?
LM: The group who made the video is called ‘le Groupuscule’. I got very much involved in the making of it, i like that!
Thinking up videos is a very refreshing and enriching adventure.

FDRMX: One of your first big breaks was writing the music for the ad ‘L’Homme’ by Yves Saint Laurent. Would you have guessed that the ad would lead to a full blown music career?
LM: Yes, thanks to this ad, i was able to join the SACEM (the French ASCAP/BMI) as a composer!

FDRMX: Which of your upcoming concerts are you most excited for?
LM: This summer, we will play in a festival : ‘le Cabaret Frappé’.

FDRMX: What are your three most influential artists?
LM: Tom Waits, Prince, and Jack White

FDRMX: Is there one huge goal on you mind that you’d love to meet sometime in your career?
LM: I’d love to write the score for a Tarantino movie, this is one of my dreams.

FDRMX: If you could describe your music in just one word, what would it be?
LM: Ritournelle

Keep an eye out for Lou Marco as she continues to dazzle with her unique style of music. As always, if you’re interested be sure to check out her CD via Itunes and follow her on Facebook.