Lucky 13: FDRMX Interview with Adrian Sieber

Adrian Seiber

Today’s installment of Lucky 13 shines the spotlight on Adrian Sieber, European Indie music star and front man for the Swiss band Lovebugs.  Today the multi-talented musician takes time to talk home movies, never-ending costume changes and his biggest goal of a tour in the States.

FDRMX: You’ve been an active singer and songwriter ever since childhood. What was the initial spark that made you want to be a musician?
ADRIAN SIEBER: Girls and fame I guess… No, seriously: I wrote my first song when I was seven years old and I haven’t stopped since. The process of composing always came very naturally to me and I still find it much easier to talk about myself in songs than in actual conversations.
FDRMX: Is there a song of yours that you would really like to turn into a music video?
AS: All my songs are like movies in my head. So actually it would be great to have a video to everyone of them. There is one track from 2012 called ‚Jennifer Beals, referring to the actress from Flashdance, for which I always thought it would be fantastic to shoot a video, obviously…

FDRMX: You’re also the front man for Lovebugs. What would you say is the trickiest part of being both a solo artist and a front man?
AS: Well, first of all it is really fantastic to have the opportunity to be and do both. My solo stuff is slightly more electronic and dance floor oriented than what I do with the band. It’s very important to make this musical distinction.

FDRMX: Your most recent album with Lovebugs was in 2012. Any news of an upcoming album or tour?
AS: Not Yet.

FDRMX: You began releasing solo work in 2007, after about 15 years with the Lovebugs. What was the motivation to release work on your own?
AS: Some of the songs I write simply don’t really fit the style of the Lovebugs – Mostly the more dance orientated tracks. I love to play around with the vintage synthesizer, samplers as well as tape- and drum machines I gathered at home over the years.

FDRMX: Your music video “Round Round” is an interesting assembly of different film styles throughout history (60’s spy thriller, Sci-fi, quirky romance, credits at the end). Do you consider yourself a cinephile?
AS: I guess you can say that. But all the credit for the ‚Round Round Song’-clip goes to Danila of Kinopravda in Barcelona and Budapest. It’s my favorite video I’ve done so far and I’d love to work with him again. His visual language is absolutely unique and so is the humor in his flicks.

FDRMX: So many scenes and costumes are in that music video. How long did it take to film everything?
AS: The footage was shot in two days only which is quite amazing considering the number of different scenes. For the crew it was a very complex and ambitious undertaking while for me it was one of the most pleasant shootings I ever experienced. Instead of doing the same performance over and over again I just had to make a few simple moves whenever a new set was arranged just to go back and relax in the Barcelonese sun.

FDRMX: Your pretty active when it comes to Social Media. Any funny or interesting stories on that end?
AS: By some surreal accident I got mistaken for Dannii Minogue’s new boyfriend Adrian Newman by England’s Daily Mirror a few months ago. The amount of love and hate messages I received via Email, Facebook and Twitter because of this confusion was absolutely stunning. It seems that people still take what is written in the papers at face value. I found the whole episode a bit ridiculous but at least it attracted a huge media attention like I never had before.

FDRMX: Your video “Hurts So Good” is made up of what seems to be home movies. Are any of them actual home movies from your life?
AS: Yes, they are! I loved the idea of spending the video budget on my holidays than on an expensive movie set for once. That’s why I’ve spent two weeks on a beautiful Italian island with my family and some friends and back home I just gathered the various clips everybody shot on their smartphones. That was it. The clip turned out to be very charming and to my surprise it even got played on the big music channels in Switzerland.

FDRMX: What is the best live concert experience you’ve ever had and why?
AS: I saw KISS when I was nine years old. It the first concert I ever saw and I couldn’t imagine that there was something better until I heard Depeche Mode, The Talking Heads and Talk Talk a few years later. Besides, we were the opening act for the Rolling Stones twice. That was pretty memorable too.

FDRMX: What are your three favorite music videos of all time?
AS: Praise You’ by Fatboy Slim‚ Bitter Sweet Symphony’ by Verve‚ Flat Beat’ by Mr.Oizo.

FDRMX: You’ve accomplished quite a lot in the past twenty plus years and still have quite a bit of time left for more. Any major goals on the horizon that you’re working towards?
AS: Except for one show at the Viper Room in Los Angeles I never played in the USA so far. So, touring the United States is still on my bucket list, even if I have to do it on a bicycle

FDRMX: What’s the best advice you could give to you anyone reading who is about to embark on a musical career.
AS: Always trust your instincts and don’t wait for anybody.

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