Lucius – Hey, Doreen

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Hey, Doreen” by Indie Pop band Lucius, begins with an 80s-like title sequence. The scene is set in Margaretville in Upstate, New York. We are introduced to two older females enjoying a karaoke night in a bowling alley. The partners in crime are wearing light pink coats, soft blue-gray wigs, and oversized sunglasses. Despite the tiny crowd, one man takes an interest in them and gets to know the two a little bit more. After the duo lure him into their home, they begin to plot his death. Another man stalks the two from afar; he follows them to the diner and into the woods, where he sees them digging up holes in the ground (watch it to the end and find out what happens to this poor fellow). There are flashbacks throughout the video when we see the women in their younger years. The twin vocals of Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig make this single a powerful and soulful one. The lyrics coincide with the concept of the video: “cover your tracks” because “you know you can’t take it back.” These women are unstoppable; they eat and pray together, while planning the unthinkable and hiding the evidence.

Band – Lucius
Title – Hey, Doreen
ISRC – USQE91400258
Label – Mom+Pop

Album Release Date (US) – 10/14/13
Album Producer – Dan Molad and Lucius
Timecode – 4:41
Writers – Holly Laessig, Jess Wolfe
Publishing – Wildewoman Music (ASCAP)
Made by LeBlanc + Cudmore
Produced by Holly MacDonald
Written by Scott Cudmore
Edited by Nicole Sison, Scott Cudmore, Michael Leblanc
Photographed by Michael LeBlanc
Production Manager – Emily Downing
Art by Erika Lobko
Special FX by Jake Owens
Colour by Clinton Homuth at Alter Ego Post
Sound by Quewin Warnasuriya at Toronto Sound
Production Company – Leblanc + Cudmore