Lucifers Beard – Cuddle Monster

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Watch Lucifers Beard bust a move in this multi-colorful, groovy, and fun music video for “Cuddle Monster.” In what looks kind of like those old iPod commercials, the band members show off their dance moves in silhouette effect with different and colorful backdrops. The video is very simple, yet all that matters is the way they shake their hips, hands and feet and, of course, the jazz-like rock track the British band are dancing to. The first fifty five seconds of the video is anything but boring; your eyes are captivated by the smooth effects and video cuts, while your ears are enlightened with rhythmic drum beats, loud brass, and solid guitar chords. It’s the beginning of a party you’ve always wanted to be invited to. The sultry rock vocals come in at the one minute mark. There is also a bit of the song’s lyrics displayed on the screen as if it were a lyric video. The lyrics are just as lively and animated as the band members who are dancing and rocking out from the beginning to end.

Lucifers Beard – Chris Barnes, Joe Miller, Pete Doors, Jake Buchanan

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