LoveSix and Their Awesome Video!

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Today I’d like to talk about a video that has given the site (and the band LoveSix) some problems. The video “Night of the Creeps” (a possible reference the cult 1986 horror comedy) features a lot of scantily clad women, heaps of blood, and the lead singer stripped down to his underwear and tied to a table. It’s not exactly safe for work to watch, and that’s exactly why it was banned from Youtube, though it has since returned. Having it on the site has resulted in being a flagged a few times for its raunchy scenes. And yet, this video remains one of my favorites on the sites (and no, its not for the reasons you think, but they do help).

The energy this video brings is ridiculous. When you take a step back it looks insanely silly yet I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel a thrill to see something like this. There’s something about this video that is pure, unadulterated rock and roll. It embraces the hard rock tropes of beautiful women, long haired rockers, sex, bondage, heandbanging, and the essential copious amounts of eyeliner. Yet through all of this it’s filmed efficiently to bring out the horror flavor. Both the lead singer and the women are attractive, but certain shots make them look terrifying. This allows the video to depict Rock and Roll’s dangerous side while still celebrating its unbridled awesomeness

The music is a big draw for me. The lead singer’s deep voice reminds me of Seether and Finger Eleven while the guitar riffs are pretty damn energetic. You can tell that the band is having a ball up there on the stage. If they believe that they’re rock stars then they’re going to damn well act like rock stars.

LoveSix is an Australian based duo formed by vocalist Alex Pychtin, Bassist Louie Liuzhen, Drummer Aron Slater, and Synth Player Marco Braun. The members are very into their music to the point where they might as well be cartoon characters from Heavy Metal. While some may be rubbed the wrong way by their attitude, to me it’s refreshing to see so passionate a display for the rock and roll lifestyle. Their outlook may be a bit destructive but in a world where everyone is focused on selling albums and being tweeted it’s thrilling to see a band be the epitome of Rock and Roll

Take a look at the music video below. Also check out this hysterically weird interview with Pychtin in which he answers not even half of the questions.