A Lovers’ Soundtrack to Get Your Girl Back

Your girlfriend has been dying, but doesn’t show it. You’ve been asking for it, and you didn’t even know it. We’ll stop rhyming now. But we will give you some surefire songs that your woman or significant other will absolutely love. What screams Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, or just a “babe, I’m so happy you’re in my life” gift better than an FDRMX soundtrack for your lover? So get ready to stream, buy, or burn whatever song you love. Hey, maybe you need them all. 

Mali Music – “Beautful”: To love not only the beauty of a woman, but the strength of a woman is not always commonplace. Mali serenades all the hardworking ladies with this soulful single.

Sam Cooke – “It’s Alright/I Love You for Sentimental Reasons” (live): Hard song to find, but this live set of one of the greatest medleys sung, Sam Cooke puts the “us” back in trust, sure to put rumors to rest.

KYLE – “Raining Love”: An upbeat, lyrical but soulful song from the Ventura, CA native. Song from the class clowns to the head of the cheerleading team, and a surefire new-age love song.

Otis Redding – “Try a Little Tenderness”: Treat your woman right, guys. I would say gentleman, because real gentleman should show the women they love all the kindness and understanding in the world. Have you told her how good she looks today?

Darwin Deez – “Up In The Clouds”: Let’s not point fingers guys. The bigger man always wins; the faster you solve the problem, the faster you guys could be relaxing in love-pools.

Twenty One Pilots – “Can’t Help Falling In Love”: Every girl just wants to know how much a guy would risk just to be with them. Girls melt that much more to know how a guy just can’t help loving them.

Raury – “Bloom”: A sweet song to lie in the grass and listen to. Take your girl and listen to the sweet serenade of this dope young singer, as you guys fall more and more into love. Unwind, let go, and love.

Jhene Aiko – “Bed Peace”: In a time of relationship warfare, just take a time to appreciate the time, you have with each other. Watch the world go by and lie in that need with your significant other, in peace.

Michael Jackson – “You Rock My World”: Words from the King himself. Let your girl know how much she’s changed your life, ever since the day you met her. I’m sure she’ll appreciate it.

KYLE – “Focus On You”: A real modern outlook on love from the eyes of a 90’s baby. In a generation where Monogamy isn’t praised, it’s refreshing for us to hear a song like this. Imagine how much more your significant other will take it.

Cyndi Lauper – “Time After Time”: Every girl just wants to know that she can be strong. But when things get rough, and if she falls, the one she loves will always be there to catch her.

Wretch 32 – “6 Words”: “I found my treasure in you.” You say those words, and she’ll have nothing to say at all. Speechless; let her know that she’s truly, all you really needed. Hits close to home.

Labrinth feat. Emeli Sande – “Beneath Your Beautiful”: All girls have their insecure side. Let her know that even though they don’t think they’re worth it, in your eyes, there wasn’t a part of her you didn’t love. 

Ed Sheeran – “Kiss Me”: The song title says it all. Just take her by the hand, mouth this out, and just do it. Don’t be afraid.

Ed Sheeran – “Thinking Out Loud”: Will you still love me, when I’m no longer young and beautiful? Ed Sheeran says yes with his recent single, putting every girl in the world’s (including your girl’s) mind to ease, forever.

Sam Cooke – “You Send Me”: One of Sammo’s most beautiful love songs, and boy did he create many. A special something to a special someone, telling them at first it might not have been serious, but now, well, it could be something very special.

Problem – “Last Love”: “I’m sorry about your last love, but I am not your last love, girl I’m trying to last love. But I can’t do it, without you.” Wordplay to the max, but there was nothing playful about it. It doesn’t matter what we had in our past, we have each other now.

Sean Paul – “Punkie”: A song to seal the deal. Take it back to the islands with this hot reggae track, letting her know that it’ll only be a matter of time before you guys eventually fall in love.

Coldplay – “Fix You”: Let her know that she always has a safety, solitude, and a number one fan in you. We all have bad days and failures sometimes. I’m sure you’ll always be there, and after she hears this, she will be at ease as well.

Uncle Kracker – “Smile”: One of the greatest love songs Country music has ever produced. Love can do crazy things to someone, it’s good when one of the things it makes you do is smile; the beauty in simplicity.

Big Sean – “Ashley”: Originally a song about reflection on the past, but once you show her this song, it’s going to let her know that no matter where life takes you, or how much success comes your way, that you’ll always remember her; even through all the bad times as well.

Drake – “Best I Ever Had”: Shorty forever held it down. Even when you weren’t always at your best, let her know that she was always the one, just in case she didn’t know.

Mary Steenburgen – “Only You” (Cover) OST LAST VEGAS: Beautiful song covered by the beautiful Mary Steenburgen (originally by Louis Armstong) her angelic voice creates such a heaven, that is this song.

Ja Rule – “Mesmerize”: The ultimate ode to the woman and her beautiful outer. Awesome song, perfect nightcap. Make her feel good about herself, let her know your reasons for lust.

Ginuwine – “Differences”: The ultimate 90’s wedding song. Once a boy, and now a man. Give thanks, and tell her how much you’ve needed her, since Day One.

Drake -“The Real Her”: To feel like you just caught feelings for a girl that you’ve only known for an extremely short amount of time is scary. It’s also very, very real. Don’t be frightened, take a deep breath, and show her this. Maybe she might feel the same way.

2AM Club – “Worry About You”: To know that you still care means the world. Better late than never though. You might want to share this song with her sooner than later.

Sean Paul feat. Sasha – “I’m Still in Love With You”: Oh yes. Let her know what’s really good. Enough if Jamaican Patois isn’t your first, second, or third language. Mouth out something sweet; she’ll get the chorus, and that’s all that’s all that matters.

Whitney Houston – “I Will Always Love You”: Probably one of the world’s greatest love songs, you can’t pass someone on the street who couldn’t recite the chorus to you on sight. Sing this to her; the high pitch will probably make her laugh, but also have her walking on air.

Frank Sinatra – “The Way You Look Tonight”: This song-title is self-explanatory. The song itself is just the ultimate compliment. Well done, to one of music’s greatest legends.

Lauryn Hill – “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You”: She is a dream. And to dream is divine. So then, she must be the most divine creature I’ve ever gazed upon. The logic is simple, right?

New Found Glory – “Kiss Me”: People in their early to late 20s know this song front and back. They can also tell you where they were when they had their first kiss as well. I guarantee it was to this song. I guarantee it was epic.