‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ Enforces Anti-Violence Rule

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta is a reality television series that airs on Vh1. It is a spin-off of the original reality series, Love & Hip Hop, but this time, the show is set in Atlanta, Georgia. It centers around the lives and personal dramas of people related, sometimes quite remotely, to the hip hop industry. It was approved to run a fourth season, and Season 4 premiered on April 20, 2015.

This time around, the show’s producers are trying something new: they want to enforce a “No violence” rule. This is because, in past seasons, the show has had a problem with cast members getting out of hand. Advertisers and viewers were complaining about all the violence, so for Season 4, all of the cast members were forced to sign a “No violence” agreement. Anybody who breaks out into a brawl of fistfight while cameras are rolling will be immediately terminated and sent home. The idea is, hopefully, this will encourage people to be less violent on the show.

This might get tricky, though, because tensions are running high in the current season of the reality show. Especially between two characters called Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez. These two have been duking it out on Twitter, allegedly because somebody insulted somebody about the fact that somebody cheated on somebody else while they were in a 30-day rehab program. Somebody called somebody a “cry baby”, which is essentially the same thing as throwing down the gauntlet, when it comes to reality television.

Apparently some fans were surprised by this recent development, but others, perhaps the more world-wise of our dear reality television viewers, reacted with a kind of blase cynicism. It is not uncommon for artists in the hip hop industry to experience stints in drug rehab, and it is also not uncommon for reality shows to play up drama such as cheating and adultery, according to many sources. At least, this is exactly the sort of dramatic tensions the show plays upon.

The show airs every Monday night on Vh1, if you are curious to see how things between Stevie J and his allegedly cheating sweetheart, Joseline Hernandez, play out.

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