Louis Mattrs – War With Heaven

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The things we do sum up who we are. Our minds make up the fantasy world we want to live in. But reality provides us with the consequences that make up for our past actions, as well as what we currently are doing today. In Louis Mattrs‘ music video for “War With Heaven,” we encounter four strong characters who are dealing with serious issues. Our first protagonist is a homeless man asking for spare change in public. The next character is extremely furious. He is sitting on a couch impatiently. The third man is enjoying small talk while getting his hair cut. Lastly, we are introduced to a woman who seems distraught. As Louis Mattrs begins to sing on the track, we notice that the man filled with rage was waiting for the crying woman to come home. The man (TW: abuse, domestic abuse) lays his hands on her, beating her endlessly for something that she did. The events following are the struggles (TW: overdose, self-harm, violence) that these people must deal with, but they soon come to terms with them and change for the better.

Louis Mattrs’ track, “War With Heaven,” from his EP, Beachy Head, is a thought-provoking song with extremely strong lyrics. The words perfectly coincide with the story, because these characters are fighting themselves. They are all dealing with the consequences for their actions or mistakes. A man overdoses on drugs and alcohol due to a tragic moment in his life; another man becomes the abuser after being abused as a young child; a woman stays with a man who hurts her because she is scared; a young man, believed to have not done anything wrong, becomes a target. The lyrics and music are truly beautiful and the video that deeply portrays them is worth watching.

Music written by Louis Mattrs and Chris Loco
Music produced by Chris Loco
Written and Directed by Josh Cole
Produced by Keiran McGaughey for Like an Egg
Cinematographer – Luke Jacobs
Sound – Nick Davies
Editor – Ruth Hegarty for The Assembly Rooms
Colourist – Ben Rogers at Gramercy Park Studios
Casting – Maggie Norris at The Big House

Homeless Man – Mustafa Shaddouh
Steroid Nutter – Junior Miller
Barbershop Youth – Moses Gomes Santos
Nutter’s Girlfriend – Maryam Chaima
Young Nutter – Ibrahim Rogers
Nutter’s Dad – Emil Rogers