Lou Marco – Don’t care

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Starting off mostly monochromatic silhouettes with a small splash of blood red here and there, Lou Marco’s animated music video for “Don’t Care” focuses on a young woman and her journey. The camera follows her as she walks down an empty street alone, the wind whipping her coat so the bright red underside is visible. When we see her from the front, her lips are the only identifiable facial feature, colored the same red as the inside of her jacket. As she continues on, her surroundings alternate between the three colors, flipping from black to red to white and back again. As the beat of “Don’t Care” drops, our mysterious lady is behind a DJ table, spinning like a pro, until she is suddenly behind several keyboards, picking out the synth notes of the song. She continues on, alone, the background moving around her, changing shapes constantly, as if the world were moving around her. She braves wind, giant waves, and all manner of obstacles, but whether she comes out all right in the end you’ll have to see for yourself.

Production: Le Groupuscule
Directors: Jubar & Baudry 
Storyboard: Arnaud Baudry
Animators: Julien Baret, Cyril Drouin, Hugo Bravo, Marie Viellevie, Mathieu Agnus, Geoffroy Triacca
Compositing: Julien Baret
Music: Lou Marco (Music Unit / L’Autre Distribution / Idol)
Facebook: facebook.com/loumarcomusic