‘Young and Hungry’ Returns Tonight on ABC Family

Make sure you’re all caught up on ABC Family’s cute and hilarious show Young and Hungry before the summer premiere tonight. The show follows Gabi, played by Emily Osment (Hannah Montana), as she works as a personal chef for the young, rich, and awkwardly adorable tech mogul Josh, played by Jonathan Sadowski (She’s The Man). During the first episode, Gabi drunkenly sleeps with her boss, and that starts the show on its romantic comedy love train. Along the way, you have your misunderstandings, annoying love interests that come in between Josh and Gabi, and of course you have the outspoken supporting cast.

Aimee Carreo takes the role as Sofia, Gabi’s best friend and roommate. Recently, you may have heard about her becoming the voice of Disney’s very first Latina princess, Elena. That was a very big deal. Well, in the show Carreo is an ambitious banking intern who offers Gabi advice delivered through sarcasm the blonde chef often fails to recognize. Sofia is the sidekick and rock to Osment’s character.

Young and Hungry wouldn’t be the show that it is without the commentary from Josh’s employees, Yolanda and Elliot. Yolanda, played by Kym Whitley (Deliver Us From Eva), is the sassy and very loud spoken housekeeper whose bickering with Elliot is reminiscent of a classic sibling rivalry. Elliot, played by Rex Lee (Entourage), is Josh’s publicist who just so happens to be gay. His loyalty to Josh and verbal abuse of Gabi make the show complete.

The story picks up after Gabi makes a decision that should inspire tons of young women. She chooses a once-in-a-lifetime internship overseas over the “could be happy” relationship with Josh. You go girl!

Tonight, in the episode entitled, “Young & How Gabi Got Her Job Back,” Gabi comes back from her internship and is “anxious to face Josh after how things were left between them.” Josh pretends like he is fine and that Gabi should take the job with his neighbor. But Josh regrets his decision when he suspects that his neighbor might have a crush on Gabi. He takes to spying on the two to find out for sure.

Youngries are already tweeting about their excitement over tonight’s premiere, and I can proudly say that I am one of them. Tune into Young and Hungry tonight at 8 PM EST on ABC Family.