You Have Been Eating Pancakes WRONG this Whole Time

Everyone loves pancakes. Now this is a fact. But I bet you didn’t know we’ve been eating them the wrong way this whole time.

Yup, this is new for me as well. And I must admit I have come to this discovery very recently.

Replace Regular Flour with Fruits or Veggies!!!

Yes, this is the big statement.


You will get American pancake 10 times healthier, and 10 times tastier. Now, it sure will have the particular fruit or vegetable aroma, but hey, you can always top your pancakes with whatever you want.


Easy-peasy. Just mash your ripe bananas, or use a store bought pumpkin puree, or bake your pumpkin and then prepare your own puree, either way it is not something too difficult to manage. As for the veggies, you can just grate them, or use a vegetable puree, for example potato puree.

Fruit Flourless Pancakes

If you haven’t guessed it by now, I am going to share a banana pancake recipe with your guys. The Easy banana pancakes are just that, EASY. Ok, maybe not just that, because they are YUMMY and smell wonderfully. Honestly I think their smell while I am preparing them can satiate my hunger (ok, not J).

Another fruit I love to use to replace flour is the pumpkin. The Flourless Pumpkin Pancakes are by far the best healthy fall-inspired pancakes I have tried. They are so soft and tender, and have that pumpkin aroma, plus with the vanilla protein powder and the cinnamon you will get the best flavored pancakes ever!

And that’s not even the best part, the best part is: You will be done in 15 minutes!

Savory Flourless Pancakes

For all of you who just can’t wrap their head around the idea of a tasty salty pancake without any flour in its batter, hear this: They EXIST and they are super tasty.

The Flourless Zucchini Pancakes are every foodie’s dream. With an incredibly interesting texture, and ingredients like garlic, onions and cloves you will be eating a green-veggies pancake in less than half an hour. I wouldn’t recommend having them before a big date, but they are great choice for a laid back Sunday brunch, or even dinner.

The Irish Potato Pancakes (Boxty) are a crispy treat that anyne who loves potatoes will love. I prepared these the other day and my family couldn’t take their hands off them until they devoured the whole plate. Now the original recipe includes flour, but there is an option of using rice flour, so you can guess which one i went for J. I can’t tell you how incredibly tasty these pancakes were. So much so, that I was ordered to prepare them the next morning as well.