Yes-or-No: Jesse Kivel (Kisses)

In our latest Yes-or-No interview, we sat down with Jesse Kivel of Kisses, a pop rock duo comprised of Kivel and wife Zinzi Edmundson. Their latest album, Rest in Paradise, was released on October 9 and follows their 2013 LP, Kids in L.A. Check out Kivel’s answers below, and be sure to get a copy of Rest in Paradise!

1. Do you drink coffee? – Yes, but Zinzi drinks more
2. Do you have a guilty pleasure? – Cinnabon
3. Do you have a favorite place to tour? – Yes, Sweden was the best.
4. Is your upcoming album, Rest in Paradise, going to be your best yet? – Absolutely
5. Do you eat breakfast? – Almost exclusively
6. Do you like parenthood? – Yes
7. Do you want your child to be a musician? – Sure
8. Do you want more children? – Maybe one more if it comes about, but I feel pretty good right now with one.
9. Have you ever been fired from a job? – I worked briefly at a farmers market selling bread with my brother, we weren’t explicitly fired but I would say there was a mutual parting there.
10. Do you remember your first gig? – Yes, with my high school band Otis at the Un-urban Coffee Shop in Santa Monica. On the first song my guitar strap fell off and my guitar hit the floor. My guitar teacher ran up and helped me put it on, and a star was born.
11. Do you sleep on a certain side of the bed? – Left side (if you are looking at the bed from the foot of the bed).
12. Is there a specific artist or group you’ve been dying to collaborate with? – Not really
13. Do you shower every day? – No, probably every other…which I know is gross and I am ashamed. Maybe that is my guilty pleasure?
14. As a married couple in a band named “Kisses,” are you two romantic with each other all the time? – We are constantly having sex…as I am doing this interview we are having sex.
15. Do you manage your own social media accounts? – Absolutely
16. Are you afraid of “getting old”? – Not at all, but I am afraid of losing my creativity and losing inspiration, which I feel gets tied to age. I just want to stay creative and motivated, but I don’t care about aging, in fact I like it. I always looked a little too young to be taken seriously, so I am enjoying my grey hair.
17. Do you like being outdoors? – Sort of, the circumstances have to be right. I really do not like the heat, so L.A. this year has been devastating.
18. Have you ever broken a bone? – Yep, broke both my arms at the same time, broke my leg, broke my ankle, broke a finger, broke my right wrist, and knocked out my two front teeth.
19. Are you religious? – No, but I casually enjoy the Jewish community I was raised in.
20. Did you enjoy answering these questions? – Yes thank you!

Disclaimer: Yes-or-No is a segment in which people we select to interview are prompted with 20 questions, and they are asked to respond with either “yes” or “no.”