World’s Most Awkward Modeling Photos (Part 3)

By now, you’ve probably looked at parts one and two of the world’s most awkward modeling photos, so now we present: part three! These photos were taken as part of an advertising campaign for Turners Ltd., a company that manufactured camera equipment around the 1960s. Some of the photos are strangely racy, some are bizarre, and some are a little of both. Here are the final photos in our compilation of the world’s most awkward modeling photos.

Number Seven: Whimsy Gone Wrong. Zooey Deschanel, is that you? The hat, the tiny horse, the dress…this screams twee with a purpose. We’re not sure where to begin with this, so let’s just move on.

Number Six: Pervert Pooch II. Another stuffed dog situation! (Check out part two is you’re not sure what we’re talking about.) This stuffed pooch might appear more innocent than the last one (at least it’s got a bow), but it still looks like it’s staring up her skirt. Although, with that pose, we can’t really blame the dog.

Number Five: Conference Call. This woman is really pulling off the “Give me two minutes, I’m on an important call” look, until you realize she’s holding a brush. She was probably told to brush her hair, felt ridiculous doing it, and then this happened. Which is even more ridiculous.

Number Four: The Case of the Missing Pants. Sure, you can teach us all about music, but for heaven’s sake, put on some pants! She would definitely be sent to the principals’ office if she showed up in school like that today.

Number Three: Bird Watching. This photo might not be so bad if her eyes weren’t so far away from the binocular. Lady, good effort, but you’re not selling anyone on that thing.

Number Two: Pirate’s Booty. What even is this? What is she selling? Where are her shoes? That blank stare really seals the deal.

Number One: Talk to the Animals. “Shhh, little bunny, just sit here and watch me bathe. I need my me time to relax, and you’re really detracting from that.” She was sent to rehab after finishing this photo shoot (we have no credible evidence to support this claim, but it’s probably true).