Wiz Khalifa Breaks Records

Wiz Khalifa is no stranger is being at the top. He’s consistently putting out albums and tracks that shoot to the top of the charts. Anything he touches or works on turns to gold. So it’s no surprise that the Taylor Gang rapper broke a records this week with his track “See You Again” off of the “Fast and Furious 7” soundtrack.

Khalifa performed the track on The Ellen Degeneres Show recently and it was a performance that fans could appreciate. Not only is “See You Again” a great track, but it’s also a homage to the late actor Paul Walker who tragically died in a car crash. Walker was a regular in the “Fast and Furious” movies.

According to Spotify, the track had more than 4.2 million plays over the course of 24 hours. That is about a million more plays than the previous record holder, Ellie Goulding’s “Love Me Like You Do”. In the week prior to the record-breaking day, Khalifa’s track had over 22million plays on Spotify. Those are really solid numbers and show just how much people can associate with the song and want to hear it.

“See You Again” plays at the end of the “Fast and Furious 7” movie as a tribute to Walker. It’s an emotional song about family, which is a theme of the movie. The cast worked together for many years, on many different “Fast and Furious” movies, so in a way they became one big family and with Walker gone, a big part of that family is now missing. Khalifa may not seem like the perfect person to deliver a tribute to Walker but he delivered and the track fits in with the movie and it’s target audience.

That being said, some may think Wiz Khalifa isn’t the type of artist to create a track such as “See You Again”, he pulls it off quite well. It’s got just the right mix of pop and hip-hop vibes to make it a crossover hit in both genres. It also helps that it is featured on the soundtrack for “Fast and Furious 7”.The soundtrack is doing extremely well, and is being compared to the success of Eminem’s “Eight Mile”.

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