Whatever Happened to Mariah Carey’s Voice

Mariah Carey is the epitome of vocal control and power, as evident in the great works she has done in the past. When she came out in the industry, people were actually astounded that such talent existed. Carey’s milestone hit “Vision of Love” was enough evidence of her extreme artistry. She wrote her own music and she sang with much gusto and passion. Carey possessed everything needed to succeed in the business. Also on the plus side, she treated fans with great importance. Carey was the manifestation of a true artist, who always made sure that her music was on top of everything else in this glittering industry.

Carey defined what it was like to be a modern diva. She had good fashion choices, plus she poured her heart out in her performances. She also managed to reinvent herself and innovate her musical transitions from pop to R&B. Her display of vocal acrobatics was also something that put her far more superior than her contemporaries. She sang “Dreamlover,” “My All,” “Always Be My Baby” and “Love Takes Time” as if these were easy songs. Her ballads were also magnificent, like the inspirational “Can’t Take That Away,” the anthemic “Hero,” the gospel “Fly Like a Bird,” as well as the champion of personal strength “Through the Rain.”

Her rhythmic sensibility in her pop chart toppers was also phenomenal. She was unstoppable when she released “Loverboy,” “Honey,” “Obsessed,” and “Heartbreaker.” She also made sure that she brought the infectious last song syndrome through “Don’t Forget About Us,” “We Belong Together” and “I Stay in Love.” People would also remember Carey every Holiday season because of “All I Want for Christmas Is You.” However, what made these songs phenomenal were Carey’s trademark wide range and her canonical whistle register.

However, right now, Carey is continuously haunted by substandard live performances and commercial shortcomings in her new music. Compared to her previous legendary shows, Carey is now dismissed as a genius who lost her musical gifts along the way. Not that we can forget how she made her mark in the industry. We can also never dismiss how much influence she has given to young divas today. Without Carey’s songs, it would be difficult for a female diva to express her fashionable artistry without being labeled anything derogatory. Carey is a legendary vocalist. However, she has to reclaim what she has lost. Whatever happened to her voice, she must soon remedy. Her voice does not only mean her music, but her entirety as a person who never fails to share her passion in music.