What Your Eye Color Says About Your Personality

Many people assume eye color is a purely genetic feature; however, this is not always the case. Eye color can sometimes indicate specific personality traits, which we have expounded upon below. Though your eye color won’t effectively determine who you become as a person, using other people’s eye color to guess how they might behave in certain situations can be a fun tool and a neat party trick. So, is your eye color indicative of your personality? Find out below.

Green Eyes. In ancient times, people with green eyes were thought to be wizards and witches. And it’s true – there is something mystical and mysterious about people with bright green eyes. Green eyes are also thought to be the perfect balance between dominant brown eyes and strong blue eyes. People with green eyes are generally cheerful, creative, and peaceful.

Grey/Hazel Eyes. A unique shade of faded blue, grey eyes, or hazel eyes, indicate someone who is difficult to figure out. Possessors of grey eyes can be either very confrontational or non-confrontational. It is believed that people who have light grey eyes are extremely secretive; however, once their trust is gained, people with grey eyes will be loyal for life.

Blue Eyes. Generally speaking, blue eyes represent people who are externally beautiful, tactful and courteous. Many young girls dream of a prince charming who has blue eyes, and this is no wonder, as blue eyes are extremely attractive and coveted by many. People with blue eyes tend to be highly intelligent and possess both inner and physical strength. This allows them to endure immense pain – both emotional and physical.

Brown Eyes. Finally, brown eyes represent strength. People with brown eyes are natural-born leaders, and they exude an outward appearance of strength. Even when people with brown eyes doubt themselves, which will sometimes happen, they make a point of appearing smart, strong and assertive, regardless of the circumstances. It is said that the darker the shade of brown eyes, the more melanin that person has in his body, and the faster his brain will be.