World’s 10 Weirdest, Most Useless Companies

Startup companies are popping up all over the place, especially since people are tiring of corporate culture. However, these 10 weirdest companies simply cannot be explained away by startup culture. Not only do these companies not make much sense, but they’re also super weird. Check them out below, and be sure to keep these ideas away from your business partners.

Number Ten: Outbox. Who wants to walk all the way to their mailbox to get their mail when they could just have it emailed to them? That mouthful is the idea behind Outbox, which will sort your real mail, scan it, and email it to you. They will even create categories for your mail such as “bills” or “postcards.”

Number Nine: Genetic Ink. Have you ever wanted a piece of art that’s truly a piece of “you”? Well, genetic Ink will make your dream come true! All you have to do is send them a DNA sample, and for the low price of $200 to $700, you can have a piece of art made from your own DNA.

Number Eight: Litter Kwitter. Cleaning up your cat’s litter box can be a pain, which brings us to Litter Kwitter. Rather than make cleaning the litter box easier, Litter Kwitter will teach your cat to use the toilet.

Number Seven: Add My Window. For really desperate people who want to make a little extra money, there’s Add My Window, which will place advertisements in the windows of people’s homes. It is currently only available in the Netherlands, where it will hopefully stay.

Number Six: Washboard. Rather than go to a laundromat bereft of quarters, Washboard will send you an entire roll of quarters. Smart, no? Here’s the catch: a $10 roll of quarters will set you back $14.99. There were apparently 20 people stupid enough to subscribe to this service in the United States.

Number Five: ManServants. ManServants are, well, exactly that. For just the low price of $125 per hour, you can hire a man to do whatever you want, as long as it isn’t sexual. Women everywhere were subsequently disappointed.

Number Four: This company is quite morbid, but it might just make sense. exists to connect HIV-positive people with each other. Whether for friendship or something more, PositiveDating aims to create a safe environment for positive people to help each other through their lives.

Number Three: WTF Candles. These candles are weird and maybe useless, but they are pretty funny. WTF Candles are prank candles meant to burn for 30 hours; the first 12 hours of the candle will smell refreshing and nice, but the rest of the burn then transitions to a heinous smell. Give these to your mother-in-law for Christmas.

Number Two: Throx. Since dryer gremlins are apparently a real thing, Throx has the answer! They sell socks in threes rather than pairs so people will have a backup sock when they inevitably lose one.

Number One: Neuticles. Finally, we arrive at one of the weirdest and most useless companies of all: Neuticles. Rather than have your pet be traumatized after he’s neutered, Neuticles will replace his balls with solid silicone balls that are actually 30 percent softer than real balls. Woof.