Tumblr Account Replaces Man Buns With Cinnamon Buns

The Internet is home to the absolute best and the absolute worst things when it comes to content. But just when you think you can’t possibly look at another video of some random girl from the Midwest twerking/squinching/whatever else just so happens to be popular at the moment, the Internet Gods take pity on your poor soul and toss you a bone, or in this case, a cinnamon bun.

Introducing Cinnamon Bun: a Tumblr that celebrates the deliciousness of the man bun. Cinnamon Bun isn’t just a Tumblr, it’s almost a movement. Okay, that was a stretch. It really is just a Tumblr, but it’s sitting here in front of me and I didn’t want to hurts its feelings. Combining two things that every woman absolutely adores, man buns and cinnamon buns, the Tumblr operates off of a very simple principle: find a picture of a famous man rocking a man bun and replace it with a cinnamon bun.

It’s a simple premise, but it’s oh so delicious – I mean, awesome. While you’re probably thinking there’s no way this account was created by anybody other than two stoner girls in their mid-twenties with literally nothing better to do, the account was actually created by two dudes who either think that man buns are an utterly ridiculous trend deserving of such a saccharine satire, or just thought this idea was worth its weight in gold and had a great chance of going viral. Either way, whatever their motivation, I think I speak for us all when I say, great job, boys.

Follow Cinnamon Roll on Tumblr, and get prepared to spend the rest of the day aggressively fighting your instinct to call up your grandma and ask for her cinnamon bun recipe. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.