Trader Joe’s: Top 8 Shopping Tips and Tricks

Trader Joe’s is a godsend to anyone who wishes to eat healthy and find great products without breaking the bank in the process. They are a natural food store which offers a wide variety of quality food items. Here are some tips and tricks to bring with you next time you go there.

Number Eight: Ask to Sample Interesting Items

If you ask the employees at Trader Joe’s to try something, they will let you! Just look for a counter in the back of the store or go up to one of the registers and ask.

Number Seven: Go to Trader Joe’s for Special Needs Food Items

This store makes sure they create products specifically for people with allergies or other special dietary needs. Just ask one of the typically friendly cashiers.

Number Six: Take Advantage of Their Great Return Policy

As long as you keep your receipt, you can get your money back for anything. If you’re unsatisfied with a product you bought there, even a plant, just take it back.

Number Five: Look for Manufacturer’s Coupons

Although Trader Joe’s has made a point of not having sales, and instead keeping their prices low every day, they do have coupons available for certain items. Check online for these.

Number Four: Try it For Products Local to Your Area

This grocery store makes sure they support local farmers. There’s a good chance that the vegetables or bread you’re buying come from someone who lives nearby. Just make sure you don’t come to rely on this being consistent, because these items are often discontinued.

Number Three: Look for TJ Cookbooks

Although the store itself is unique in that it stays away from social media and allows word of mouth to do its marketing, a few independent authors have put together cookbooks. These books feature specific items you can buy at Trader Joe’s.

Number Two: Don’t Avoid the Organic Items

Many of us have a reflex of avoiding the non-GMO and organic sections of stores because, usually, they are completely unaffordable. That is not the case here! Check out the organic items at TJ’s and be pleased to discover that you recognize all of the ingredients on the labels.

Number One: Check the Wine Labels

TJ’s stocks up on expensive wines and relabels them as their own, lowering the price as much as 200% at times! Make sure you’re reading the back of the bottles you purchase so you’re aware of the great deals. Thanks for reading.