Top Ten Musicians Who Quit at Their Peak

While many people are doing all they can to get into the Hollywood life of stardom, others – already celebrities and having tasted the life – are making their exit, and just when their careers were at their peak. Why you would ask? Well, for a variety of reasons, all best known to them. The following are top 10 musicians who quit music.

Number Ten: Kim Wilde. She was one of the top pop stars back in the 80s. The song, “Kids in America,” put her on a platform that many may find very difficult to give up given the same opportunity. However, not only did she call it quits on the music industry, she moved on to be a professional garden designer, breeding rare and unusual flowers.

Number Nine: Bill Wyman. Music is the ultimate dream for many. Apparently, it wasn’t for Bill Wyman – it only acted as a means to an end for him. Back in 1993, Wyman decided to quit his place in the music industry to follow his true dream and passion of designing his very own machines. Who would have guessed? Back in the day, people thought he had lost it. But given the amount of success that Wyman has experienced in the metal detector industry, one can only conclude that he made a sober decision.

Number Eight: David Lee Roth. Be attentive and try as much as possible to keep up. David Lee, the original lead singer of Van Halen, left the group back in the year 1985 and was replaced by Sammy Hagar. His reasons for quitting were not clear, but nonetheless, his actions affected the group, though it did still have a successful run. His replacement, however, in the year 1996, left the group and was to be replaced by Gary Cherone who later left the group due to its poor performance commercially. In 2003, Hagar rejoined the group only to leave in the year 2005, and to be replaced by none other than Roth, the original lead singer. Quite a handful wouldn’t you say?

Number Seven: LaTavia Roberson and LeToya Luckett. These ladies were two of the original members of the Destiny’s Child alongside Beyoncé Knowles and Kelly Rowland. However, they decided to leave the group back in the year 2000 right after they released their hit music video, “Say My Name.” The two were replaced by Farrah Franklin and Michelle Williams, though Franklin left the group only five months after they had joined, leaving the trio to continue with the group.

Number Six: Syd Barrett. The original frontman decided to quit the English rock band (Pink Floyd) back in the year 1968. His reason was his deteriorating mental health which made him unfit to handle all the pressures that come with being in a rock band. After his departure, Roger Waters had to step up to the plate and fill Barrett’s shoes as the primary lyricist. He went on to create some of the group’s biggest hits such as Wish You Were Here and Dark Side of the Moon

Number Five: Geri Halliwell. Ginger Spice suddenly up and left the group when it was at its peak of popularity back in the year 1998. She cited depression to be her major reason for her sudden decision. She has recently, however, gone back into the studio and is working on new material.

Number Four: Michael McCary. He did not leave the group out of choice but because his health could not allow him to continue with the lifestyle any longer. McCary left Boyz II Men back in 2003. The R&B group continued to tour the world without him and has experienced great success.

Number Three: Kevin Richardson. After experiencing massive success in the late 90s moving into the new millennium, Kevin Richardson, the original Backstreet Boys member – made a decision back in 2006 to quit the group to chase other interests that he had developed over the years. The four who remained continued to release two albums before Richardson finally came back to his senses and rejoined the group in 2012.

Number Two: Tom DeLonge. He is said to be the reason the pop-punk band, Blink-182 delayed the recording of its 7th album earlier this year. Being the vocalist and lead guitarist, DeLonge’s decision to leave the group has really weighed it down. Mark Hoppus compared the sequence of events to those that occurred ten years ago when the group had broken up. The group has, however, gone ahead to perform on shows with Matt Skiba, Alkaline Trio’s guitarist/vocalist, acting as the filler for DeLonge. There is, however, no information on a permanent decision on the replacement.

Number One: Zayn Malik. If you are a fan of One Direction, then you must know Zayn Malik. He was a member of one of the most phenomenal teen bands in the world. Malik recently announced that he is leaving the successful band that was formed by Simon Cowell on The X Factor, a British singing competition. Malik sited his reason for leaving the group as his desire to live life like a normal 22-year old, who has the privilege to relax and enjoy private time away from the spotlight. Now, to all of you who think that celebrities live their dreams, well, they do, but they obviously pay for it, trading privacy for fame. The group will continue with its tours as is.