Top 9 Rappers Who Couldn’t Handle Retirement

I’m still wondering why artists feel the need to retire from the music business! In most cases, the retired artist usually returns to the industry. I think the “retirement” announcement is just a tactic to sell records. On the other hand, some artists just want to see how the fans will react to their retirement threat. These artist’s egos are out of control!

Number One: Jay Z. Retired: 2003. Reason for retirement: The rapper believed he had reached his music peak, and he wanted to dedicate his efforts towards his new gig as the president of Def Jam Recordings. Return: 2006. Post retirement albums: “American Gangster,” “The Blueprint 3,” “Magna Carta Holy Grail,” and “Watch the Throne.”

Number Two: The Dream. Retired: 2010. Reason for retirement: The Dream felt he wasn’t getting the respect he deserved as an artist. Return: Late 2010. Post retirement albums: “Terius Nash: 1977,” “IV Play,” and “Crown Jewel.”

Number Three: Lil Wayne. Retired: 2014. Reason for retirement: He stated “Tha Carter V” would be his last project. At the time, “Carter V” was supposed to drop the previous year, but Cash Money Records was blocking the release. Return: Never actually left due to a contract dispute. Post retirement albums: “Free Weezy Album.”

Number Four: Bow Wow. Retired: 2010. Reason for retirement: Bow Wow was getting bored with rap music, and decided to instead focus on his acting career- as well as other entertainment ventures. Return: Late 2010. Post retirement albums: “Underrated” (expected this year).

Number Five: Mase. Retired: 1999. Reason for retirement: Mase left rap music in order to become a minister. His return to the music business was very controversial and questionable. Return: 2004. Post retirement albums: “Welcome Back” and “Now We Even” (expected this year).

Number Six: 50 Cent. Retired: 2007. Reason for retirement: 50 Cent stated that if Kanye West sold more records than him, he would retire from music. The two rappers were vying for the Number 1 spot on the Billboard 200, and West’s “Graduation” ended up winning the competition. 50 Cent was then forced to retract his retirement statement. Return: A few weeks after his retirement announcement. Post retirement albums: “Before I Self Destruct,” “Animal Ambition,” and “Street King Immortal.”

Number Seven: The Game. Retired: 2009. Reason for retirement: The Game stated that he was so disgusted with the state of rap music that he decided to retire from it all.
Return: Late 2009. Post retirement albums: “The R.E.D. Album,” “Jesus Piece,” “Blood Moon: Year of the Wolf,” and “The Documentary 2” (expected to be released August 28th).

Number Eight: Master P. Retired: 1998. Reason for retirement: The New Orleans rap mogul retired from the music business in order to pursue a career in the NBA. Unfortunately, he failed to make an NBA roster. Return: 1999. Post retirement albums: “Only God Can Judge Me,” “Ghetto Postage,” “Game Face,” “Good Side Bad Side,” “Ghetto Bill,” and “The Gift.”

Number Nine: Too Short. Retired: 1996. Reason for retirement: Unknown reasons other than the fact that he likes to make retirement announcements. Return: 1999. Retired again: 2009. Return: 2010. Post retirement albums: “Can’t Stay Away,” “You Nasty,” “Chase the Cat,” “What’s My Favorite Word,” “Married to the Game,” “Blow the Whistle,” “Get off the Stage,” “Still Blowin’,” and “No Trespassing.”