Top 9 Greatest Family Friendly Dog Breeds

Nearly every kid would like to have a dog, but there are so many different breeds out there that it’s hard to know which type fits in best with the family. We are here to clear up a bit of the confusion. Here are the top nine greatest family friendly dog breeds.

Number Nine: The Bull Dog

This dog isn’t the most energetic of breeds, but they make great companions. They will be comfortable in any size living space, whether it’s a large house or a tiny apartment.

Number Eight: The Beagle

Beagles were originally bred for hunting, but that doesn’t make them violent. These dogs have very high energy levels to keep up with your adventurous children, and won’t tire easily. They typically get along well with other breeds also which is a plus.

Number Seven: The Bull Terrier

These are known as aggressive dogs, but that’s just an unfair stereotype. This large breed is extremely energetic, perfect for families with a lot of children. These dogs are also known to be protective of kids, which will give parents some peace of mind.

Number Six: The Collie

We’ve all seen Lassie, and who didn’t want a Collie after watching that? These dogs are easily trainable, rarely bite, and are super friendly.

Number Five: The Newfoundland

This huge breed is known for being protective over its human companions. Although it sheds and drools quite a bit, it will prefer to be inside with the family instead of out in the yard, and tends to be quite cuddly.

Number Four: The Irish Setter

A very smart breed, these dogs are great companions for hyper kids. You won’t have a hard time training your setter, and they love to be outside.

Number Three: The Poodle

If you have a kid with allergies, the poodle is your best choice. They are known for barely shedding at all, and make very gentle and friendly companions.

Number Two: One of the Best Family Friendly Dog Breeds – The Labrador Retriever

Perhaps the most well known of family dog breeds, and there’s a good reason why. They are reliable, protective, fun, and so cute!

Number One: The Golden Retriever

These dogs are known for their patience and even manner, being neither too aggressive or too lazy. We hope you enjoyed our article and got some ideas for which breed to adopt for your next family pet!