Top 9 Deadliest Creatures in North America

The world has a myriad of the most frightening, deadliest beasts, but what do you really know about the ones that could be lurking right in your back yard? Luckily, North America isn’t a destination for most threatening species. Although, these nine creatures are still deadly enough to scare your socks off!

Number Nine: The Black Widow and Brown Recluse Spiders

There are millions of species of spiders throughout the world, and most of them are fairly harmless. However, the deadliest of them all may just be creeping throughout your home: the brown recluse and black widow. The black widow’s bite can be fatal if multiple bites occur, and the aggressive venom of the brown recluse can cause the onset of gangrene or other tissue damage.

Number Eight: The Arizona Hairy Scorpion

A handful of scorpions can also be a threat to North Americans, especially the Arizona Hairy Spider. This creature attacks with a venomous sting that causes intense pain, as well as various other mind-blowing bodily reactions.

Number Seven: The Grey Wolf

These beasts may look like the most adorable and stunning pups you have ever seen, but they are extremely vicious. They are usually seen in the northern regions, and kill in packs with a series of fatal bites. They are extremely territorial, and professionals advise to never make eye contact, back away slowly, and never expose your back to them.

Number Six: Coyotes

Coyotes are likely to avoid interaction with most humans, although they have occasionally attacked small children (mainly for trying to feed them). If you experience a pack of coyotes, you’re probably fine; they’re just traveling, back away slowly. If they are seen in pairs, however, they are out looking for dinner.

Number Five: Mountain Lions

The mountain lion most often dwells in (prepare for a shock) mountainous areas of the west coast. These 300-pound predators lurk in packs that strategically plan attacks on their unlucky victims. They don’t often approach humans, but a handful of fatalities have occurred.

Number Four: Alligators

Alligators have become a serious issue along the southeastern coasts. These aggressive, 15-foot beasts have an incredible strength, and are notorious for their “death roll”. In this unique attack, the gator will lock its powerful jaws onto anything it can grab, and roll itself and its victim until it dies. If you ever find yourself in their relentless grasp, jam your thumbs into its eyes.

Number Three: Sharks

Sharks teem throughout the vast waters of North America, and are one of the most common causes of death in America. In 2010, North American waters sprouted 42% of the world’s total shark attacks. The great white and the bull shark are the most aggressive, and dangerous, species.

Number Two: Snakes

Snake attacks happen quite a bit, but let’s just be happy we don’t live in Brazil, right? Although, in North America alone, these attacks reach an annual total of anywhere from 5,000 to 8,000. There are a few particular species to watch out for: the copperhead, the coral snake, and the cottonmouth. The copperhead can be identified by its triangular head and pyramid-like symbols on its back. The coral snake is colored with horizontal bands of color, most often red, yellow, and black. A cottonmouth is usually seen in water, and will cock its head back to show the roof of its mouth before attacking.

Number One: Deer

Deer may be docile and sweet, but they are cause for more North American deaths than any other creature on the planet. Because of the “caught in the headlights” issue, drivers are often killed trying to avoid collision with the animal. In fact, this happens to more than 200 people each year. We hope you enjoyed our ranking of the top nine deadliest creatures in North America!