Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Drink More Gin

Originally sold in pharmacies to treat stomach pain, gin is becoming more and more popular as a cocktail staple. With that in mind, here are seven reasons why you should drink more gin. What’s better than a list that encourages you to drink more alcohol, right? Check it out below!

Number Seven: The Magic Powers of Juniper

With juniper being a staple part of the alcohol in question we have all grown to love, it actually provides a lot more than just a tasty part to the beverage. Proven to combat lung congestion and heavy coughs, juniper can also be taken as a daily supplement. Juniper, that is, not a gin and tonic.

Number Six: It Stops You From Getting Old and Wrinkly

OK, so it doesn’t necessarily stop you from aging, but it does help stop creases from forming on your face. Containing antioxidants (as all alcohol does), gin also contains juniper which regenerates cells and boosts your body into behaving and looking like a fresh-faced youngster.

Number Five: It’s Good For Your Kidneys And Liver

OK, so hear us out. Back in the 19th century, Doctors would refer to small, damaged and colorless kidneys as “Ginny Kidney” blaming the dirty dishwater on the malfunction of the organ. However, things have changed since gin has been proven to help rid your body of bad bacteria due to its diuretic properties and super antioxidants.

Number Four: It Won’t Make You Gain Weight

Of all the spirits, gin has the least amount of calories, especially since the main mixer is a measly amount of tonic and an ice cube or three. This gives you a great excuse to drink twice as much!

Number Three: Gin Fights Malaria

Upon realizing that the quinine, which is found in tonic water, helped fight the disease, British colonialists in India began drinking the combo of G&T to help with the bitter taste. Granted you will need more than just a couple glasses to fight it, but it’s still pretty cool.

Number Two: It’s The Best Drink For Cocktails

Due to the many different herbs that are found in Gin, it pretty much goes with anything, resulting in an arsenal of over 700 gin-based cocktails. Some of the best gin-based cocktails are the Bees’s Knees, the gimlet and the ever refreshing classic, a gin martini.

Number One: The Best People Drink Gin

Frank Sinatra, Winston Churchill, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Queen Elizabeth II, JK Rowling and the whole cast of Mad Men are all partial to a gin or two (probably more in some cases), thereby proving that gin is by far the coolest drink to get caught sipping through a straw. So come on and join the club! Thanks for reading!