Top 7 Music Videos Banned From Television

Freedom of Speech is a right we should all be thankful for, and true art should never be censored or banned. Unfortunately, the world of media must follow certain guidelines. The artists on this list must have known these videos would be heavily censored, but they probably didn’t think the videos would be banned from television.

Number Seven: M.I.A. – Born Free. M.I.A. attempted to raise awareness about racism, but she may have taken things too far. Her music video was banned by MTV because it was extremely violent. Images in the video include someone who gets shot in the head, and another person is shown being blown to pieces.

Number Six: Madonna – What It Feels Like For A Girl. The pop icon decided that threatening a cop with a gun was a great idea, but MTV didn’t agree. During the music video, Madonna also runs over people with her car and tasers an innocent bystander. Oddly enough, the video was directed by her ex-husband Guy Ritchie.

Number Five: Eminem – Just Lose It. Michael Jackson was a very powerful man, and he was able to get Eminem’s video banned from BET. The distasteful video shows the King of Pop without a nose, and it also showed him laying in bed with a lot of children.

Number Four: Madonna – Justify My Love. Madonna can do whatever she wants, but not on the MTV network. Back in 1990, MTV banned her music video, citing strong sexual content as the reason for the ban. The video shows images of S&M, and it also features the pop goddess seducing several sexual partners.

Number Three: Garth Brooks – The Thunder Rolls. The country legend took things way too far on the set of this video. Brooks played a cheating husband who is also abusing his wife. The domestic violence depictions were disgraceful and hard to watch, and so CMT refused to play the music video.

Number Two: Nicki Minaj – Stupid Hoe. BET banned this video from its airwaves mainly because the rapper repeats the phrase “stupid hoe” over 50 times. The network also felt the video’s sexual content was too graphic; Minaj is shown shaking her famous bottom in an animal cage.

Number One: Lana Del Rey – Born to Die. This video was banned by MTV due to its violent nature. It also didn’t help that Del Rey and her love interest in the music video smoked marijuana while driving. The end of the video shows her love interest carrying the singer’s dead body from the car.