Top 6 Simple Steps to Avoid Indigestion

If you are a traveler or a sedentary worker, indigestion is pretty common. Over 70 million Americans suffer from indigestion problems which leave you with less energy, poor health, lack of stamina and weight problems. However, these six simple steps will help you avoid indigestion naturally.

Number Six: Eat Healthy Food. Always aim to eat less processed food and increase fiber content in your diet which will help your body release the waste easily. Processed sugar and refined carbohydrates give rise to bad bacteria which affect your digestive system. Increased fiber consumption helps the glucose to enter the bloodstream more slowly, keeping your sugar levels normal. Include good fats like coconut oil, grapeseed oil, and avocado, and avoid fast food and unhealthy fats. Increase your protein and whole grain consumption for a balanced, healthy diet.

Number Five: Hydrate Your Body. One of the most important steps to avoiding indigestion is to sufficiently hydrate your body with water. Avoid sugar-loaded beverages and focus on plain simple water and notice the wonders it does to your body. Lack of sufficient water slows down your digestive system which in turn makes it difficult for your body to release toxins and waste.

Number Four: Avoid Sitting After a Meal. Avoid sitting or lying down immediately after your meal, because that will leave you bloated and with slower digestive system functionality. Keep moving for some time after every meal for your body to be able to process the food you consumed; stimulating your muscles will tone up the walls of your colon.

Number Three: Chew Your Food Diligently. Slow down your eating process, and make sure to chew your food at least 20 times.  This way you avoid overeating, because it is said that after 20 minutes of eating your body will realize it is satiated. If you chew slowly, you give your stomach time to ascertain the quantity of food required.

Number Two: Rest Sufficiently. Sometimes stress and lack of proper sleep ignite indigestion, leaving you with a miserable feeling. Adequate rest gives time to your digestive system to repair and recover, thereby releasing energy at the right time to help you in smooth digestion.

Number One: Maintain Correct Posture. Right posture is very important for your digestive system to function efficiently. Sitting up with your back straight and standing high with the right posture helps your digestive system to function normally all day long.  Too much drooping or too much back stretching affects your digestive system, thereby making it difficult for your body to digest food. Your body gets tired while fighting with the wrong posture, which hampers good digestion and encourages indigestion.