Top 5 Ways to Get a Ripped Body

Health and fitness goals come in all shapes and sizes. Some of us want to have a huge hulk-like physique, while others are working towards a much more leaner, ripped body. If you’re keeping up with the fitness world, then you know that the days of bulking up are fading away. The body image that you’re most likely looking for, and what women find most attractive, is that of a professional track and field athlete. They are lean and toned with just the right amount of body fat and muscle that will get stares everywhere they go. However, this physique isn’t easy to obtain due to strict exercise and nutritional practices. Here are five of the best ways to get that ripped physique you’ve wanted for so long.

Number One: Take shorter rest periods. You may be accustomed to one or two minute rest periods between your sets to allow your muscles to recuperate for your next set. This is a tried and true method for building muscle and size, but it won’t get you that ripped physique. Reducing your rest time between sets to 30-45 seconds will increase your heart rate and boost your metabolism, helping you to get cut.

Number Two: Drink black coffee. Besides being known to enhance energy levels and increase focus, coffee can also slightly boost your metabolism and will act as a natural diuretic. Drinking a cup of black coffee will assist in the elimination of excess fluids and waste held by your body. Getting rid of these toxins will thin out that layer of fat covering up your muscles.

Number Three: Make sure you’re getting enough protein, and eat different carbs. Nutrition is the golden ticket to a lean, toned physique. You want to make sure you’re getting an adequate amount of protein every day to help build stronger bones and muscles. Lean protein sources such as chicken, salmon, and lean beef cuts are your best bet. These have low percentages of fat but high amounts of protein. Also, try incorporating more veggies into your diet, and keep your fruit intake moderate.

Number Four: Increase your workout frequency. Working out your primary muscle groups twice per week instead of the traditional once per week will help you build muscle faster, which will increase your metabolic rate. Your body will become more efficient at burning calories when at rest.

Number Five: Focus on form and technique. Proper form and technique will take you further than any amount of weight can. It’s all about the quality of training, rather than the quantity. Your time under tension, angle of movement, and range of motion are huge factors when it comes to how effectively your body will build muscle and definition.