Top 5 Ways to Sneak Nutella Into Your Diet

In case you didn’t know, Nutella is a hazelnut spread imported from Italy. Nutella’s popularity has grown steadily and can be found in many families’ carts at the supermarket. The spread consists of the combination of roasted hazelnuts, skim milk and cocoa, which makes for a delightful flavor profile of sweet, salty and savory. Nutella is known to have no artificial colors or preservatives. While most people might spread Nutella on bread or eat it straight out of the jar, my favorite thing to do with Nutella is to mix it with peanut butter. There are myriad ways to use Nutella to its fullest potential, but here are the five best ways to sneak this deliciously addictive spread into your diet.

Number One: Cheesecake Nutella twists. This decadent recipe is incredibly simple to make. All you need are Pillsbury crescent rolls, cheesecake filling and, of course, Nutella. Roll out the crescent rolls and simply ration equal parts cheesecake filling and Nutella. Follow the instructions identified on the Pillsbury crescent roll container. These twists can be enjoyed as breakfast or dessert.

Number Two: Nutella latte. This drink will take your taste buds all the way to Italy. One sip of this drink and you will imagine you are sitting in a coffee shop in Rome. The best part is that it only takes 10 minutes to make. Combine milk and Nutella in a saucepan and stir until it comes to a boil. Remove from heat and pour into a blender. Blend the mixture together for 1-2 minutes. Then just simply pour a hot cup of coffee or shot of espresso into the mixture. Voila!

Number Three: Grilled peanut butter banana Nutella sandwich. This sandwich is an exciting approach to the ordinary peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Spread peanut butter on one half of the bread and Nutella and banana on the other. To prevent the bread from sticking to the pan, butter both sides of the two slices. Set stove to medium heat. Place both slices of bread onto the skillet and wait until the bread turns golden brown. Remove slices and enjoy!

Number Four: Nutella brownies. Who doesn’t love a nice fudgy brownie now and then? Imagine Nutella on top of it. Cue the drooling. You have the option of making homemade brownies or your favorite pre-made mixture found at your local supermarket. Once the brownies are out of the oven and slightly cooled, pour heated Nutella on top. Enjoy the best brownies of your life.

Number Five: Pancake and fruit kebabs with Nutella. Cut time in half, and buy mini frozen pancakes or waffles instead of homemade. Spread Nutella on those mini pancakes, and cut up some fresh strawberries and bananas. Grab skewers, and add your combination of fruits and mini pancakes. There you have it, yummy kebabs.