Top 5 Viral Video Stars: Where Are They Now?

At the dawn of the YouTube era, there was no way of telling how popular the site would become. One thousand hits seemed to be huge in the beginning, then the numbers just kept on growing. Soon, there were videos that became a viral video or garnered over one million hits. Those people became known as Youtube royalty, but what happened to them when their newness rubbed off? We are here to tell you!

Number Five: A Hilarious Viral Video – Charlie Bit My Finger

Oh the “Charlie Bit My Finger” video. That was a video everyone and their brother was dying over when it was first posted by the father of the two brother’s in the video which shows a younger brother biting his older brother’s finger. At such young ages, neither Harry or Charlie probably had any idea they were internet stars. To keep the momentum alive, their father Howard started a blog detailing their day-to-day happenings. Now though, the boys are a bit more grown up. Harry is now 11 and Charlie 9 and both are regular boys going to school. Since they made internet history though, two younger brothers have joined the family too.

Number Four: Leave Britney Alone

After singer Britney Spears publicly shaved her head, there was no way to stop the floodgates of negative comments. Unlike so many, fan Chris Crocker demanded that the media leave his favorite artist alone. His plea earned him thousands of hits, and he has still managed to stay in the business. He released a vampire themed single in 2011 which was a minor hit on the iTunes Dance charts.

Number Three: Hide Ya Kid, Hide Ya Wife

If you did not listen to this mashup when it was first posted, you were just not that cool. The tune got stuck in your head eventually and you just couldn’t stop watching. Apparently that was also the case for the star of the video, Antoine Dodson. He was offered a reality show opportunity in 2011 but it is still in the works.

Number Two: Miss South Carolina 2007

Beauty Pageants themselves are hilarious. Add in contestants like Caitlin Upton who failed to answer a question on why one fifth of Americans could not locate the United States on a map, and it just gets worse. She left her pageant days behind her after that though for an appearance on CBS’s The Amazing Race and for a career in California real estate. Of course, she knows how to read maps now.

Number One: Friday

There are always those music videos we watch just because they are so bad. Rebecca Black’s “Friday” was one of them. With nauseating lyrics like “Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday. Today i-is Friday, Friday. We-we-we so excited. We so excited,” it required many college students to constantly have the song on repeat, and not to mention spoof it. Rebecca’s singing career did not take off after that, but she did appear in Katy Perry’s music video for TGIF ironically and released another appropriately titled single “Saturday” . She also still posts videos on her YouTube channel regularly and discusses multiple topics. Thank you for reading our list of viral video stars!