Top 5 Television Themes From the 2000s

When the year 2000 came, the age of the TV show theme song seemed to disappear.  The age of the “tell you exactly what this show is about” theme song is long passed. While some may consider that a good change, it has sadly resulted in a lack of emphasis on TV shows creating memorable theme songs. That’s what makes the themes that have emerged in the past 14 years all the more special. Today, PPcorn counts down the best music you hear over every episode without getting sick of it.
Honorable mentions: The Wire, Justified, American Horror Story, Scrubs

Five: Friday Night Lights (2006-2011) The montage FNL’s theme was paired with did wonders to help this song along, but the song itself was truly something special. The guitar heavy theme communicated the bright eyed hopes and dreams of the Dillon Panthers while growing faster and faster in speed until the viewer wants to rush out onto the field with the Dillon panthers as well.

Four: Sons of Anarchy (2008- ) Show creator Kurt Sutter had a hand in crafting this brooding and bleak theme, and it shows. The song possesses the darkness the show is known for but also it’s energetic “fight or flight” feel. Knowing he’ll be appearing in the next season, Marilyn Manson should consider covering the theme. He’d be an interesting fit for it.

Three: Game of Thrones (2011- ) With a high end Fantasy like Game of Thrones its vital to have a grand and sweeping theme song, and this theme succeeds with flying colors. We challenge anyone to watch these opening credits  and not hum the theme. Equal parts dark and wondrous, the theme succeeds in priming the audience for the epic tale that will be told to them every night.

Two: The Sopranos (1999-2007) Technically not originating after the year 2000, but the bulk of the series occurred in the ought’s so we’ll give it a pass. And it is worth of it. Originally planned to be a different song almost every episode, Alabama 3’s “Woke Up This Morning” provided an efficient ready to prepare for seeing people get “whacked”.

One: Mad Men (2007- ) Possibly a controversial pick for umber one, but there are many many reasons to stand by it. RJD2’s theme is one of the last to associate with the hustle and bustle of Madison Avenue, and for that reason it stands out from every other theme on the list. It doesn’t just compliment the show but does its part to help define it.