Top 5 Signs You’re Not Over Your Ex

I’ve tried Jack, I’ve tried Jim and all of their friends. Justin Timberlake and Chris Stapleton were right when they said you can’t drink your ex away. There’s always that sinking feeling after trying to go out and forget my ex when I realize I’m going to end up texting him anyways.

I don’t think I’m the only person who goes through bouts of wanting to text their ex. We all have things we go through when we’re getting over our ex. Here are five signs that you’re not over your ex just yet.

Number Five: You Still Talk About Them…a Lot. This one is tricky. Of course, you’re going to talk about them. They were a part of many of your recent events and memories, so how could you just start omitting them from those stories? You don’t. But it’s when you’re talking as if you’re still with them that the lines start to blur. It will get easier as you start to create new memories with new people. Until then, it’s hard not to talk about your ex.

Number Four: You Try to Drink Them Away. It’s Friday night – your old date night with your ex-sweetheart. So instead of Netflix and chill with your partner, you get dressed up and hit up the town with your BFF. Who needs your ex when you can replace them with a new special someone? I like to throw myself into the arms of Jack Daniels to take the edge off. No matter what alcohol you choose, if you’re using it to pretend your ex doesn’t exist for awhile, that’s a surefire sign you’re not over them.

Number Three: You Make Out With Everyone. I mean, why not? You’re single now. You’re free to mingle. But hooking up with the person you really didn’t like at the beginning of the night in order to forget that you’re no longer going home to someone you once loved is a giant neon sign that you don’t want to be alone. Which is fair – we all need a little love sometimes.

Number Two: Hearing ‘Your’ Song Makes You Cry. I have a habit of associating songs with people. Even my friends. A lot of people have THAT song with an ex – the one you say “hey this reminds me of us,” and then the other person agrees. Now when you hear that song, all you want to do is crawl back into your bed and listen to it on repeat while reminiscing on all your time together.

Number One: You Still Talk to Them. After a few drinks and some boring conversation, I look to my phone to find that sweet, sweet relief of learning that my ex, like me, wants to talk. Talking to your ex on a regular basis only leads to heartache and disappointment. I try to remind myself that we broke up for a reason, so why continue to go down that path?

No matter how you deal with getting over an old love, it takes time. You’re allowed to do any of the things mentioned above, because surprisingly, we’re all humans with emotions that don’t just go away because you decided your relationship wasn’t going to work. Allow yourself to take all the time you need, in any way that you want, to get over them. Just make sure to take care of yourself.