Top 5 Shocking Stories of Presidents Who Murdered

United States presidents are thought to be well-respected, upstanding citizens who protect our country and act as efficient, effective leaders. However, it hasn’t always been that way. These five stories of presidents who murdered will leave you reeling and wondering who it is exactly that we elect every four years. Keep these stories in mind the next time you think about the upcoming elections!

Number Five: Grover Cleveland

Good old Grover Cleveland was a sheriff in New York before he was president. While he was sheriff, he performed two executions personally, even though he had no legal obligation to do so. That may be his only murderous offense, but he was no upstanding citizen; he had a child out of wedlock, which was very taboo at the time, and he even sent another person in his place when he was drafted into the war.

Number Four: George H.W. Bush

The older Bush was a celebrated World War II hero and, at 18 years old, he was the youngest aviator in the Navy at the time. He manned over 60 planes that dropped bombs, so it is unclear just how many people he killed, but it’s certainly a high number and is thought to be the most of any United States president.

Number Three: Theodore Roosevelt

Though it is unknown just how many men Roosevelt killed, it is a known fact that he truly loved violence and often bragged about his heroics during several wars. One confirmed instance of murder took place in the Battle of San Juan Hill. Roosevelt led an army and shot at least one soldier at point-blank.

Number Two: William Henry Harrison

William Henry Harrison was involved in many wars, including the War of 1812, the Battle of Tippecanoe and the Battle of Thames. He led small armies against Native Americans and had incredibly strong war strategies.

Number One: Andrew Jackson

It was no secret that Andrew Jackson loved violence, and he is the only president ever to have murdered someone in a civilized duel. According to urban legend, Jackson sounded like a bag of marbles when he walked because of how many bullets he always had lodged in his ribcage. His most famous duel was against Charles Dickinson, and Dickinson died as a result.