Top 5 Reasons You Should Say ‘No’ More Often

Forget “yes” – it’s time to unleash the power of “no.” Establishing boundaries with this word can be a struggle as ‘no’ causes guilt, anxiety and FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). The high-achievers believe saying yes equals success – capitalizing on every opportunity and experience will make them a winner. The irony is, these people are crippled by a myriad of obligations and bad relationships that they don’t have time or energy for.  This behavior has a shelf life – no one can sustain ‘people pleasing’ forever. Here are five reasons you should say “no” more often.

Number Four: Warren Buffett Says No. This wise man suggests that the difference between small success and extreme success is that extremely successful people are strong enough to say no. We often equate being busy with being successful, when in reality we are jamming our calendars with empty engagements and errands at the sake of our sanity. Focus your time on fewer things, and do them well.

Number Three: It Will Boost Your Career. When you develop a reputation of being available and generous with your time, it can become an affliction. If you’re perpetually responsive to others’ demands in the workplace, you’re actually doing your career a huge disservice. You want to be indispensable, but not at the expense of being trampled, or taken advantage of.

Number Two: For Your Mental Health. Even extroverts experience energy deprivation and need to recharge their batteries. If you’re barreling through life at Mach 10, it is bound to catch up with you in the form of stress, anxiety or physical ailment. Sometimes saying no requires the courage and confidence to make selfish choices.

Number One: Yes Will Mean More. You may think you’re getting ahead by taking on everything at once, but remember that saying no allows you to say yes when it counts. The choice is up to you.