Top 5 Products Made With 3D Printing

You may think that 3D printing is just for novelty items, but there have also been a surprising amount of utilitarian products created by the magic of 3D printing. It being such a new technology, many people may be skeptical of the large-scale utility of 3D printing, but the advancement of this technology will one day change the world for the better (or worse). Below are five awesome products created with the magic of 3D printing.

Number Five: Sex toys. The French are widely known for their romantic lifestyles, so it should come as no surprise that a French company named SexShop3D has created inexpensive 3D models of sex toys for people to print at their own leisure. Because many people feel may feel awkward about having sex toys shipped to their homes, these models could be a great invention for the more embarrassed among us.

Number Four: Chocolates. That’s right: you can buy 3D printed chocolate. Finally, something delicious comes out of these inventors’ hard work. The ChefJet™ 3D Printer uses the layering method to use sugar and cocoa butter to create all sorts of confectionery treats. Even The Hershey Company has partnered up to experiment their new chocolates.

Number Three: Selfies. Yes, you read that correctly. 3D printing startups, such as Cubify’s 3DMe, has been using selfies people send them to make miniature figures of themselves. These figures can be used as things like novelty bobbleheads or even wedding cake toppers. They are an especially big hit amongst selfie-obsessed Generation Y, because who wouldn’t want a 3D figure of themselves?

Number Two: A working gun. Scarily and surprisingly enough, anyone can make a 3D printed gun thanks to the technology created by Defense Distributed. With the technologies of a 3D printer and Defense Distributed, gun blueprints can be uploaded and then sent right to the printer to make their own homemade guns. Available guns for printing include a pistol, an AK-47 or an AR-15.

Number One: Prosthetic limbs and artificial organs. In the medical world of ever-changing advances, some of the biggest and best investments have been in 3D printed limbs and organs. Prosthetic limbs normally cost around $5,000-$50,00, but with those being so unreasonably priced, not everyone who needs one can actually afford one. 3D printed prosthetics cost only a few hundred dollars, and a team of scientists created a prosthetic hand that costs a mere $50. Organs, on the other hand, are created by a gel-like substance made from cells; technology has already allowed for the printing of prosthetic skin, ears, and even kidneys.