Top 5 Mysterious People Ever

There’s just something creepy about mysterious people. These people at the heart of ultimately unsolvable mysteries have never been properly identified. Whether connected to crimes or just creepy circumstances, these five mysterious people have remained mysteries for a long time. Read for yourself, and see if you can be the sleuth to solve these mysteries!

Number Five: The Woman of Seine. If you’ve ever looked at a CPR dummy, then you’ve seen the woman of Seine. This woman drowned in Paris in the 1800s, but her memory lives on through her face. The coroner who examined her body liked her face so much that he made a mold of it and used the mold for a dummy. It’s her face that’s attached to dummies all over the world today, but the original woman of Seine was never identified by man.

Number Four: Umbrella Man. “Umbrella Man” was the nickname given to the man spotted standing with an umbrella on the day of JFK’s assassination. Though it was a bright and sunny day, this man was holding an umbrella for the entire procession. He was spotted lifting his umbrella high up just before JFK was assassinated and turned his umbrella clockwise once. Some speculate he is connected to JFK’s murder, and he has never been officially identified.

Number Three: Tank Man. The tank man is part of the Tiananmen Square protests. One brave protestor decided to stand in front of a long line of Chinese tanks the morning after the bloodshed and refused to move, despite the tanks’ attempts to get past him. Because he kept positioning himself in front of the tanks, he became widely known as “the tank man.” However, he was never identified, and nothing has been heard of him since then.

Number Two: The Perfect Criminal. Dan Cooper is the only person ever to get away with hijacking a plane. He hijacked a Boeing 727 that was flying between Oregon and Washington and was able to extort $200,000 in ransom before allegedly jumping from the plane with a parachute. Some experts speculate that he would not have been able to survive the fall with so much money attached to him, but he has never been found, alive or dead.

Number One: Zodiac Killer. Perhaps the most famous man of mystery is the Zodiac Killer. Committing heinous murders akin to Jack the Rippers’, the Zodiac Killer would leave cryptic notes in his victims’ homes that he wanted the police to decipher. However, the notes never led to his being found, and he may still be at large today.