Top 5 Movies That Caused Fatal Events

Movies are an internationally adored form of entertainment, however sometimes they can bring unforeseen consequences from the very nature of movies that makes us love them. Viewers can become so emotionally affected by films that it brings them to horrific actions. Take a look at the following five movies that caused fatal events, because the next time you walk into a theater, it may be your last.

Number Five: ScreamThe movie Scream debuted in 1996, featuring the frightening killer Ghostface in a murderous rampage that brought terror to audiences everywhere. However, to the two real-life psychos Daniel Gill and Robert Fuller, Ghostface was seen as a role model. The movie inspired the pair to reenact the first scene of the movie on male victim Ashley Murray. Murray was stabbed eighteen times and hung by his attackers, both masked in full Ghostface attire. However, he survived the incident and later testified against the two men.

Number Four: The Passion of the ChristMel Gibson’s gruesome hit, The Passion of the Christ, proved to be more catastrophic than even The Exorcist, which was accompanied by warnings from the Catholic Church. Though The Passion of the Christ was supported by the Catholic church, it caused fatal repercussions for a religious news woman by the name of Peggy Law. The gore and emotional turmoil experienced by this viewer caused her to have a heart attack, and she was killed right there in the theater.

Number Three: Queen of the DamnedUpon the release of the movie Queen of the Damned, one particular viewer was so affected by the horrific scenes that it caused him to lose his mind. Viewer Alan Menzies became so overcome by the film, that it brought him to murder. He conveyed to his friend, Thomas McKendrick, that he had watched the movie over a hundred times and became obsessed with it to the point that he had visions of the main character. When McKendrick tried to alert Menzies of his psychotic downfall, Menzies bashed in his head, stabbed him, drank his blood, and ate a portion of his head. He later killed himself during his prison sentence.

Number Two: The Deer HunterDebuting in 1978, The Deer Hunter had an unforeseen and coincidental outcome. The tortuous movie depicting the struggles of war prisoners during the Vietnam War brought an uprising of sudden and numerous cases of suicide in correlation to the game of Russian Roulette it features.

Number One: AvatarThe revolutionary film hit Avatar, released in 2009, was an exciting experience for all viewers. However, for one 42-year-old Taiwanese man, this level of excitement had deadly consequences. The movie caused the overwhelmed man’s blood pressure to rise to dangerous levels, and he slipped into a coma. He later died, about eleven days later.