Top 5 Most Hardcore Women of All Time

Since it’s become more and more popular to be a feminist, females everywhere have been showing off their hardcore side. Well, these five hardcore women have everyone else beat with the badass things they’ve accomplished. Check out their stories to get inspired to become your most hardcore self – lady or not.

Number Five: Boudica. Boudica was the queen of a British tribe in 61 A.D., and she fought against the Roman empire to avenge the death of her husband and the infiltration of her land. Together with the help of an army, she burned and destroyed an entire city. However, she was eventually overtaken by the Romans.

Number Four: Trung Sisters. The Trung sisters were born into the Han Dynasty and were Vietnamese royalty. When one of their husbands was tragically killed, the sisters rallied an army together, including 36 other female generals. Their own mother even enlisted! Though they were able to fight hard and successfully, they were eventually defeated.

Number Three: Yaa Asantewaa. Yaa Asantewaa was the queen mother of the Asante Tribe in Africa’s Edweso region, which is located in present-day Ghana. She fought back against British rule in the late 19th century. To avenge her husband’s exile, she led an army of 4,000 soldiers, which is even more impressive if you take into account that she was 70 years old. Though she was eventually beaten and sentenced to exile, she died a respected and strong woman at the age of 90.

Number Two: Emilia Plater. Emilia Plater was a Polish countess who hated Russia so much that she hired an army in 1830 to fight the Russians. With the army she hired using her own money, she was able to defeat the Russian infantry and horse patrol, and she even took over an entire town. She eventually died of a sudden illness in 1831, but not before she earned the title of Captain.

Number One: Margarita Neri. Finally, the most hardcore woman of all is Margarita Neri, who was a Dutch-Maya Indian fighting in the Mexican Revolution in 1910. Her ultimate goal was to kill dictator Mori, and she had extremely brutal tactics that helped her defeat numerous armies. She became very famous for her strong will and brutality.