Top 5 Most Expensive Pets on the Red Carpet

Celebrities always have the trendiest, most expensive edition of everything- that goes for pets, too! You won’t believe how good the lives of celebrity pets are, or how much they actually cost their owners. While we may never be able to attain any of these pricey creatures, they sure are the luckiest little spectacles we have ever seen to strut spotlight. You will be amazed at how much these little animals are worth!

Number Five: DiCaprio’s Tortoise. He can’t get an Oscar, but, at least, Leonardo DiCaprio has a tortoise to console him. Buying a tortoise was certainly an investment for the renowned actor, as his little buddy can grow up to 200 pounds in weight, and has an average lifespan of 80 years. His shelled friend only set him back about $400. We hope he had the sense of humor to name him Donatello.

Number Four: Usher’s Goldendoodle. Usher is a man who appreciates the finer things in life, including the top cross-breeds of adorable canines. His mixed puppy, half golden retriever and half poodle, is positively the most precious pup you have ever laid eyes on. Such perfection doesn’t come cheap, however; the dog cast him about $12,000.

Number Three: Michael Jackson’s Chimp. Yes; as if Michael Jackson’s life wasn’t unique and chaotic enough as is, he also owned a chimpanzee. For $65,000, you could have your own chimp, too! The two were practically made for each other, and even kind of resemble each other. M.J. named him Bubbles. Like M.J., Bubbles likes to take part in afternoon tea-time with the mayor of Osaka, Japan.

Number Two: Tyson’s Tigers. Mike Tyson owns three tigers, and we can’t honestly say that we are surprised by this. Could you honestly imagine any other pet in the hands of this world-class fighter? The two females are named Kenya and Storm, and the male is named Boris. In order to keep and maintain the oversized “domestic” cats, Mike Tyson shells about $4,000 per month.

Number One: Nicholas Cage’s… Octopus? Okay, so we can’t seem to imagine why in the world Nick Cage would want an octopus, but that is kind of weirdly cool. Cool enough to spend $150,000 on the little guy? Well, we aren’t so sure about that. This pet isn’t even able to hug his owner, as the species is potentially fatal to humans. However, the poor little guy wouldn’t be receiving much love anyway; Cage only bought him because he thought it would boost his career. Worst $150,000 ever.