Top 5 Hot Male Coworkers You Need to Appreciate

I have been extremely lucky to be surrounded by some seriously hot male coworkers. But those days are long behind me, and now I work with all women. Sometimes, though, I find myself thinking about a time when I could look up across my cubicle at a super good-looking dude. So come take a stroll with me through the five hottest male coworkers we all have and that we all need to appreciate.

Number Five: The Hot Boss. This one is the most common. He’s demanding, irritating, irrational and a little cold, but damn can he work his three piece suit. He’s got that 5 o’clock shadow going on because he’s a workaholic who doesn’t have time to shave. He’s tall, dark and just the right amount of handsome. Don’t ever turn in something late, because he will give you a lecture. And maybe later he can come over and discipline you, too.

Number Four: The Temporary Coworker. He’s the guy who won’t be at your office for very long because his band is just about to take off. Under his trusty button up (that he wears quite often but somehow he still smells amazing), he’s got some intricate and beautiful tattoos that sometimes peek out the bottom of his sleeve. He’s the drummer – no, wait – lead singer of his pretty decent band that’s going places. He’s hopefully going places, too…like back to yours.

Number Three: The Office BFF. He’s your bestie. He listens to all of your office gossip and listens to you gripe about your mean old boss. You guys lunch often and he’s just so cute. Even though he’s your best friend, he’s also super-hot and it’s hard not to picture what it’d be like if for one night you two just threw caution to the wind. He’s really good at being that shoulder to cry on, but it’d be nice if he took his shirt off every once in a while.

Number Two: The Ambitious Intern. So he’s a lot younger than you? Who cares. He’s completely cute and very, very into moving up the corporate ladder. You’re pretty sure the way he lingers after getting you your copies from the copy machine that he’s vibing on you too. He’s determined and a real go-getter who you know is going to be very successful. He does his job quickly and efficiently, which makes you wonder what other jobs he can do like that.

Number One: The Intellectual IT Guy. He saves you when your computer has a total meltdown. But not only that, he does it while sending you hilarious memes and trying to make you laugh. When you are wicked stressed out because you need to recover your file before the big meeting with important clients, he’s got your back. Sure, you’ve never actually seen his face, but you know from his smiley face emojis that he’s totally cute. This brainy act makes your heart swell just a little every time he IM’s you.

If you haven’t met any of the aforementioned male coworkers above, girl you need to look around. They are hot and totally worth checking out. Just remember to look and not touch, or else that could lead to some very awkward staff meetings.