Top 5 Fall Foods That Naturally Boost Your Health

Of all the perks of the fall season, the food has to be the most spectacular benefit. Not only do fall foods taste great because nature is providing them at their peak quality, but they can also bear vital nutrients to keep your body at its peak as well. Read on to discover our top five favorite fall foods and the marvelous benefits that nature can give your body this season.

Number Five: Apples.

Thanks to modern technology, we can enjoy this autumnal staple all year long. However, nothing beats the taste of a fresh, in-season apple at the peak of fall. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but even eating just two a week is enough to decrease the risk of developing asthma by as much as 32%. This is due to their high number of protective polyphenols which strengthen your lungs as well as other organs. In addition to this, they contain lots of healthy fiber to exercise your organs, meaning better lung function. Don’t peel them, though! The peels are the main source of their nutritious qualities.

Number Four: Pomegranates.

For those of you living with or worried about the risk of arthritis, you have just discovered your new favorite superfood. If you are unmoved by the risks of arthritis in your future, you may just want to rethink that. An estimated one-fifth of our population is affected with this chronic disease, but pomegranates can increase your body’s chance at preventing it, as well as easing the pains. The naturally occurring nutrients in these delicious fruits will aid in easing joint inflammation and will reduce the number of enzymes that break down cartilage. The less cartilage that these enzymes break down, the smoother your joints will move. They also contain high levels of the element boron, which will help to fight osteoarthritis as well.

Number Three: Sweet Potatoes.

If ever there was a superfood, sweet potatoes are it. These versatile tubers are packed with more vitamins than most others. Sweet potatoes are renowned for their immunity-boosting and skin-healing powers. They contain more beta carotene than even carrots, providing your body with up to 33% more T-cells in the blood when eaten regularly. These T-cells are mainly responsible for fighting off viruses and keeping your body in tip-top shape. Their high Vitamin A content is a natural healer for skin and will keep it glowing and smooth. Not to mention the fact that these vegetables are a terrific source of fiber, which will supply your body with healthy energy. All of these benefits will leave your body with a newfound sense of all-around wellness and vitality.

Number Two: Pecans.

Pecans are a staple for the fall season, and that is a very good thing for our brains! Not only are pecans uniquely delicious and supplied with good fats, but they are also loaded with nutrients that keep the brain functioning efficiently. Omega-3 fatty acids are the main source of fat in these magical nuts. These Omega-3 fats provide a plethora of astounding benefits, including a boost in the communication of nerves in the hippocampus, which is the brain’s central control for memory. Pecans are also rich in magnesium and calcium, which have been shown to decrease stress levels and allow for clearer thought processes.

Number One: Pumpkins.

Thanksgiving just wouldn’t be the same without our beloved pumpkin pies. The amount of pumpkin in just one slice of this homey dessert packs a punch of more than three times the daily allowance of Vitamin A. Vitamin A is known for promoting the growth of skin-tightening collagen essential to preventing wrinkles. The high content of Vitamin E also found in pumpkins will aid in moisturizing skin and preventing those pesky dry skin flakes.