Top 5 Extraordinary Child Prodigies

There are some people you come across in life that are hard to believe actually exist. It’s even more unbelievable if these people happen to be child prodigies. The individuals below are in this category. As kids, they were all child prodigies with extraordinary minds and abilities.

Number Five: Aelita Andre. Born in 2007, this little girl from Australia is one of the most gifted artists in the world today, but what many were unaware of was her age. By the time she was only two years old, her paintings were being featured in art galleries. In the world of art, she is often compared to Picasso or Pollock.

Number Four: Ainan Celeste Cawley. Here is a boy with many gifts. He is a former baby genius: he spoke his first word at only one month old, crawled at four months, and he was able to walk by six months. He is now a scientific child prodigy, with a general gift in science, specifically in physics, chemistry, cell biology and astronomy. He also has a gift for music and art. This little guy also has two younger brothers who are just as extraordinary, but since he’s the first of his siblings I’ll give him the advantage. Another one of his achievements involves composing the music score for a short film, Reflection, which was filmed in Malaysia. If there ever was a perfect example of a child prodigy he would certainly fit the mold.

Number Three: Taylor Wilson. He’s a teenage nuclear scientist and super-genius who built a nuclear fusion reactor in his garage! If that’s not enough to make you sit up and say “wow,” I don’t know what is. He actually started the project in his garage and then completed it on the campus of the University of Nevada at Reno. I can only imagine the questions his parents had for him when he started it. Wilson also created and developed an inexpensive device to detect enriched uranium and a working prototype to make radioactive isotopes which may revolutionize the treatment of cancer. This guy right here is one extraordinary genius who could change the course of human history.

Number Two: Gregory Smith. Nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize at age 12, Gregory Smith was born in 1990 and could read by the age of two. By the time he was 10, he was enrolled at a university. The thing that makes Gregory so extraordinary is not his genius, but his desire to help others and make the world a better place for children. He has traveled around the world as a peace and children’s rights activist, and he is the founder of International Youth Advocates, an organization that promotes principles of peace and understanding among young people throughout the world. Now if that’s not extraordinary, I don’t know what is.

Number One: Kelvin Doe AKA DJ Focus. Hailing from Sierra Leone, Kelvin Doe has talents that simply cannot be explained. Amazingly, he was able to build a radio station by using recycled materials! To top that off, he was invited by MIT under the visiting practitioner program to lecture at Harvard in 2012. If you think that’s extraordinary, by the age of 15, Kelvin was already a DJ performing gigs as DJ Focus when he realized that most of the money he was making was being spent on batteries. So, he decided to make batteries, transistors and generators himself, which led to his idea to build and create his own radio station. After achieving phenomenal success, he started a company that sends inventors to an institution in Sierra Leone to teach the importance of engineering and innovation. You go, Kelvin Doe.