Top 5 Celebrities Who Didn’t Let Fame Change Them

We’ve all heard the saying, “fame changes you.” Sometimes, when some celebrities become famous, they don’t exactly know how to handle their fame. They let the pressure to be “someone,” the fear of judgment, and the all-seeing eyes of society influence them. Their decisions are no longer their own, and their behavior is no longer their own. Pretty soon, they lose the person they once were. They’re robots in Hollywood. However, there are celebrities who resist the negative powers of fame. A lot of them do, to be quite honest. These celebrities don’t allow fame to change them. Instead, they prove that it’s okay to be yourself no matter what your status. In no particular order, here are five female celebrities (ones that I LOVE) who are doing just that.

Number Five: Laura Benanti (Broadway queen, actress). Many people know Laura Benanti from The Sound Of Music LIVE! (Elsa Schräder) or the TV series Nashville (Sadie Stone). However, Benanti is, first and foremost, a Broadway queen (and one of my favorites). Aside from having the voice of an angel, Benanti has the personality that everyone wishes they could possess. She’s hilarious, sarcastic, kind, loving, and brave. Benanti doesn’t behave a certain way because she’s famous. She’s herself – she’s just Laura. If you don’t like it, well, Benanti wouldn’t care. She proves that it’s perfectly okay to be yourself, no matter your level of fame or what people may say or think. Benanti is one of my heroes.

Number Four: Ingrid Michaelson (indie pop singer/songwriter). By now you probably know who Ingrid Michaelson is because she’s all over the radio. Before this explosion of greatness, only indie pop fans were aware of Michaelson’s existence and could recognize her voice and song on practically every Grey’s Anatomy episode (I could!). However, Michaelson did not let her fame change her. She is humble and grateful for every single one of her fans. Michaelson remains true to herself and hasn’t altered one bit of her personality. She’s funny, silly, and a total bad a**. She doesn’t care what other people think of her. The most important thing is what she thinks of herself. Fame hasn’t changed her, and it never will. Michaelson proves that it’s okay to be yourself although you have fame, and she rocks it!

Number Three: Anna Kendrick (actress, singer). Anna Kendrick is an actress best known for her role as Becca Mitchell in Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2. Being an actress of Kendrick’s stature, the paparazzi and society monitor her actions and behavior constantly. However, this definitely doesn’t stop her. Kendrick isn’t reserved. She speaks her mind, and if she’s reprimanded for it, well, that doesn’t affect her. Kendrick continues to say what everyone else is afraid to say. She also takes pride in her awkward personality, something I am learning to do myself. Kendrick proves that it’s okay to have a voice, to be awkward, and to be yourself even if you are super famous.

Number Two: Ali Michael (fashion model). Ali Micheal has had her share of struggles being a part of the modeling world. As she rose to fame as a top model, she was diagnosed with bulimia nervosa. Today, Michael is healthy, and she remains in the modeling profession. Since her start in 2006, Michael did not let fame change her personality. She embraces her “odd” personality, she says exactly what’s on her mind, and she doesn’t care if you judge her or not. Michael proves that it’s okay to be yourself, no matter how weird that self may be. She’s funny, honest, awkward, and she will not change herself because she’s famous. I highly recommend following her on Twitter. She has shown me that “weird” isn’t bad.

Number One: Cara Delevingne (fashion model, actress). Last month, Cara Delevingne was the topic of conversation because of her behavior during an interview for the film Paper Towns. She was sarcastic, a trait of hers that she refuses to destroy simply because she’s famous. Delevingne knows that she is not just some famous young woman who caters to the needs of reporters. She refuses to conform to the behaviors of those who possess fame. Instead, she proves that it’s okay to be yourself. Delevingne is headstrong, quirky, fun, and loving (especially when she’s with her friends). She will be herself in every situation regardless of the backlash she might receive, and I admire her for this. Delevingne isn’t changing for anyone. She’s herself and that’s all she’ll ever be.