Top 5 Most Annoying Characters in Television History

In case you haven’t noticed, all sitcoms have character archetypes; one of these is the annoying dork. Each person in a show has a certain characteristic that provides the show with structure and balance. These character archetypes includes The Square, The Wisecracker, The Bully, The Charmer, and The Dork. The actors/actresses on this list all played the role of The Dork. They all play (or played) the character so well that they have become some of the most annoying characters in television.

Number One: Steve Urkel (Family Matters). Urkel is by far the most annoying character in television history. The worst thing about Urkel is that he was destructive. How many times did he destroy his neighbor’s home? Let’s not forget his obnoxious line,”Did I do that?” Yes, Urkel! You did do that! I hope the Winslows (neighbors) had insurance.

Number Two: Brick Heck (The Middle). Brick is the reason I stopped watching The Middle. His awkward personality is too much to handle, and it seems he only gets worse by the minute. I can understand his lack of social skills, but his actions always put the family in terrible situations. The episode where the family can’t drive over the bridge because of his fear is just ridiculous. Grow up, Brick!

Number Three: Sue Heck (The Middle). How is it possible that Mike and Frankie Heck have two kids who are so annoying?! Sue also lacks social skills, and she is extremely unaware of the world she lives in. Her optimistic personality is great, but she always aims too high and ends up failing. Sue is so clueless that the audience wouldn’t be shocked if she tried out for the football team. Why not? She tried out for every other sport.

Number Four: Arthur Spooner (The King of Queens). Arthur is very ungrateful and impossible to please. He thrives off of driving his daughter and son-in-law crazy, and it always seems to work. Arthur always has an ailment, and he believes the world revolves around him. Every once in awhile Arthur gets what he deserves, and people unleash their wrath on him. Of course, Arthur acts as if he doesn’t understand why people get so angry at him.

Number Five: Samuel “Screech” Powers (Saved by the Bell). Screech just makes me want to scream! His obnoxious personality and squeaky voice made him so tough to like. I hated when he would do something foolish and then act as if it wasn’t a big deal. I don’t see how he had any friends, and it’s impossible to believe he was cool enough to hang around the most popular students in school.