Top 4 Health Reasons to Smile More Often

Did you know that a smile can do wonders in your day to day lives? A simple smile is not only a sign of happiness but has many health benefits as well. That big smile on your face enhances your beauty and spreads pleasantness and positivity around you. A smile is a reflection of your personality and your attitude. This wonderful facial expression brings many physiological changes in your body about which you aren’t aware most of the times.

With a smile on your face, you attract more people towards you and socially you are more connected along with being popular. If you have a smiling face you spread more warmth around you and make others more comfortable in your presence. The health benefits of a smile.

Number one: Smile helps in reducing stress. When you smile your brain gets a signal to release a chemical called endorphin which in turn facilitates or uplifts your mood and spirits and makes you feel happy.  This leads to de–stressing and feeling more relaxed.

Number two: Smile helps you feel more confident. If you are de–stressed and relaxed your cloggy mind is detangled of all confusions and negativity and you are more in control of your emotions and actions thereby feeling more confident and more in control of yourself.

Number three: Smile and laugh facilitates face and lungs exercise. When you laugh facial muscles and jaws get the required exercise. Your lungs stretch and contracts thereby increasing the oxygen flow all over your body and providing you with more positive energy.

Number four: Smile helps the face glow. With smile, there is increased oxygen flow and hence, the blood flow all over the body increases simultaneously which results in brightening of the face and bringing back its shine and glow.

In spite of the stressful and hectic lifestyle, all of us live we should always work towards finding genuine reasons to smile and laugh and never let hesitation come in its way. Remember good health accompanied with a simple smile is always appreciated and welcomed.