Top 20 Rappers With the Most Expensive Booking Fees (Part 2)

Welcome back to the top 20 most expensive rappers. In part two, we’ll cover even more expensive rappers to get to perform. It really demonstrates how successful they must be at drawing crowds for them to consistently make this money performing all over the country – and the world. Read below for more.

Number Thirteen: Snoop Dogg

If Snoop Dogg isn’t the oldest person on this list, he’s definitely close. Just like Rick Ross and Lauryn Hill, the West Coast icon makes $100,000 per show. That will pay for a pretty good amount of road weed – and lawyer fees, when necessary. It probably also helps him with his webcast setup – the rapper now hosts a news show on YouTube he calls GGN, or Double G News.

Number Twelve: The Roots

The Roots aren’t as busy with shows as they used to be now that they’ve got incredibly steady work as the house band on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. But when they do perform elsewhere, they make $100,000 as a band. They have to divide it, of course, but it’s still a nice amount.

Number Eleven: Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi is one of the least expected rappers to make this list. He gets paid $110,000 to perform a show, and yet he isn’t the household name that many of the acts in the top twenty are. But his mixtapes have made him a steadily growing named in hip hop.

Number Ten: One of the Most Expensive Rappers – Wiz Khalifa

Who would have guessed that two Pittsburgh rappers would make the list of the top twenty most expensive? Wiz is definitely an established talent, though, so it is no surprise that he is making $115,000 per show that he performs. Especially because of his specific style, which is something like that of a sensitive but tough Steel City weed addict.

Number Nine: J. Cole

Cole has performed the rare feat of being a backpack rapper who finds mainstream success. Maybe it’s thanks to the unique combination of honest rhyming, technical ability and superb production. But whatever the case, he is now making $125,000 for himself every time he steps out onstage.

Number Eight: Kendrick Lamar

The greatest rapper of his generation gets paid $125,000 every time he performs a show. Okay, it can’t be proven that he is the greatest. But he definitely thinks he is, and he definitely occupies a unique position as a rapper with incomparable technical ability and a focus on social issues.

Number Seven: 50 Cent

The unofficial leader of G-Unit still makes $150,000 per show. Not that he hasn’t continued to put out music, but his days as the most dominant New York rapper in the game are definitely behind him. That’s it for part two of this list, but check part for part three, coming soon!