Top 20 Mind-Blowingly Easy Life Hacks (Part 3)

We absolutely blew your mind with all 13 of the crazy-easy life hacks we showed you in parts one and two, and now we have come back with round three! There are still so many ways that our article can give your life a simpler edge, so what are you waiting for? Read on to discover the top seven mind-blowingly easy life hacks of them all!

Number Seven: Something in Your Eye?

If you have something in your eye, there is a simple trick to getting it out once and for all. Pinch your eyelashes, and pull your eyelid down. While doing this, blink really fast under the lid. It usually gets out most particles, but we can’t help you if you’re just trying to cover up some manly tears.

Number Six: School Paying Off

If you are a student looking for a little extra income, there are people looking to buy your class notes! It might seem weird, but you can actually sell them on a website called

Number Five: Peeing for a Cause

If you feel like doing your part to save some of the Earth’s precious water, embrace your inner urge to pee in the shower. By doing this, you can save a whopping 1,157 gallons of water annually. We know you do it, but now you can justify it!

Number Four: Free Textbooks

College kids are always short on money from shelling out ridiculous sums of tuition, and textbook prices just rub dirt in the wound. Stop paying for this unnecessary bill, and instead, find the free version on,, or one of the other various destinations that offer this service.

Number Three: Acne Hack

If acne is your worst enemy, you could solve the issue simply by changing your pillowcase. This fabric spends a lot of time making contact with your face and is likely to absorb your facial oils and dirt particles. By changing your pillowcase every day, your acne should clear up in no time.

Number Two: For the Indecisive

If you consider yourself the most indecisive person in the history of ever, making decisions can be as easy as choosing heads or tails. Ask Siri to flip a coin for you, and your decision is made! We also recommend checking out Siri’s beatboxing talents.

Number One: Alligator Life Hacks

If you are ever being pursued by a gator who missed its afternoon snack, all you have to do is run in a zig zag pattern. The body of an alligator is shaped so that it has problems making sharp turns. If you are unlucky enough to be caught in its grip, the gator will release you if you shove your thumbs into his eyes. We hope you enjoyed learning all 20 of the most mind-blowingly easy life hacks on our list!